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Swapping out stock 20's for PP 19's

Hey guys,

I have a 15 GT vert with the stock 20's (which I don't love) and 265/35 Pirelli P Zeros (which I hate). While detailing a few days ago I found a bubble on the sidewall of one of the tires. Good excuse to replace the tires. "My" guy at Mavis tire is on vacation, the mgr that was there was trying to steer me toward a Continental tire saying that Michelin PSS and PS4S are "overpriced and overrrated". I call bs. Then he quotes me $350 for a Continental tire. No thank you.

I found a set of PP rims on eBay...19's staggered with Michelin PS4S for $1549 (same setup from tire rack comes to 2430).
Front 19x9 with 255/40. Rear 19x9.5 with 275/40.

Just a couple of questions before I click buy it now...
Has anyone successfully sold the stock 20's? I have 9300 miles on them and not sure how much to ask. Is there anything I need to be aware of when switching from a square 20" setup to staggered 19's? Speedo calibration or anything? Also open to (polite) opinions about my wheel and tire choice. The PP rims always catch my eye and I've never seen a bad review of Michelin UHP tires. I've also considered Michelin Pilot A/S so that I could get a couple more months of use out of the car here in NJ, if anyone runs those I'd love to hear what you think of them. It seems counterintuitive to put an all season on a Mustang but the reviews I've seen were positive.

Thanks for any input you guys can give me.

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