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"Responsibly" to me means that I am not going to cause property damage, get tickets, or injure anyone. If I accept that my own vehicle may need new tires or a bit of maintenance after creating some much-needed tire smoke, what's the harm?

Tire smoke is magical. It has long-lasting effects on people, and causes some odd side effects like turning the corners of your mouth upward, along with involuntary whooping and hollering.

Hell, after getting a new car one time (a little 1st gen MR2) I drove 3 1/2 hours to Kansas City and showed my aunt Bert (who I am not even particularly close to!) what doughnuts were. Even SHE now appreciates the beneficial effects of tire smoke, and if I may be blunt, she's a little dull.

So good on you, and many more wonderful trips to the lake! Learning to use your car in a situation where there's nothing to hit, and no one to kill if you screw up? Winning.

I smile a lot. It makes people wonder what I'm up to...
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