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Originally Posted by redwing View Post
Thanks for posting this. I was ready t0 get a 2018 GT Premium but after hearing now many stories like this and the MT-82 transmission defect and TSB that was issued I'm heading elsewhere. Even in 2018 they just don't know how to build a good car. Shame. If I had been in your shoes and the car crapped out like that after picking it up I would have driven it through the showroom window.
Psshhhh I am sorry, but I take posts like these as nothing more than a funny joke to give me a good laugh... Every brand has issues. Hell I know I will be banned for my next statement, but I just bought a Honda Civic Type R and that is Honda's pride and joy icon car at the moment and it in the start sold for up to or more than 15K over sticker so 50K+ and currently sells still at a lot of places for 5-10K above sticker so 45K+ car. (I was one of the "lucky" people to find and buy at MSRP so a 35K car.) It has issues. 1 of the issues being transmission issues. Grids in 2nd gear was very common early on and hopefully fixed as the complaints have slowed down from owners. It has some noises I noticed form mile 18 when I picked it up and it has same and a coupe other odd noises. It is a sports car not your grandma's Buick it is going to have noises and quirks as it is just part of the experience of owning a performance/sportscar. I learned that all to well with my 2013 Boss 302 and the transmission and rear end noises it had. Not to mention the gear lock out and clutch stick issues that I had the day I got it... People in WRX's have head gasket issues among others, corvettes have their issues, the Cadillac CTS-V had real end issues, and I could go on for probably ever brand and model if I thought abut it and google searched. Good luck finding a car that doesn't have reported issues...

Don't mean this in a harsh way, but it bugs me when people bash any make or model for a BS reason that every make and model has similar issues.

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