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Originally Posted by Clevernamehere View Post
Hello all.

So for the first time since i had my car i was stuck in stop in go traffic on the highway(my legs are super sore). After about a half hour i noticed the idle rpms dip to around 200 briefly and at first would correct itself but then would completely stall the engine. Sometimes if im quick enough i can gas it and catch it before it stalls.It was about 3 or 4 times in a 1 hour period. I got off on an exit and was driving regularly(regular red light traffic) for a bit and that seemed to correct it but then came back again briefly when i hit another traffic block where it stalled again. about 20 minutes

-2011 mustang GT 107k miles
-airaid CAI (no sleeve)

-diablo 93 octane custom tune
-no code
-jlt oil thingy

-have seen some weird idle surges rarely since i got the car in NOV/18 but never to the point of stalling.

-the CAI was installed only weeks ago so hard to tell if thats related

I'm going to poke around in the engine tomorrow. Any advice on what to look for and where would be appreciated. Thank you.
Who wrote the tune for you? I had similar issues with a past mustang after a intake/tune install and gave up and went back to stock and never had the issue again so retired the intake/tune and issue was back so I went back to stock and never had the issue again. So I would bet it has something to do with this. What you can try though is first make sure the intake and everything is tight. Another thing you can try is cleaning the maf sensor as it may have gotten dirty during intake install and maf cleaner is a cheap try and likely needs to be cleaned anyway if you didn't do it at install just due to age it wouldn't hurt.

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