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Originally Posted by Dalton2006GT View Post
You should data log your car and send the log to your tuner. This is one of the most important steps of getting a tune that some people don't do. If you have a lot of mods, it is almost necessary to data log so nothing catastrophic happens or so the car will have better drivability. Even with a stock car with an intake and a tune it is best to data log just to get the adjustments that the tune needs for your car. Just email your tuner about data logging and they should help you with it.

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Yeah thats something in my purview. NOt quite sure what consists of data logging though other then running the tuner during WOT or something but im trying to reach out to someone. Diablo agents say they dont do email tunes and refer me out.

Originally Posted by LiveReckless010 View Post
It depends on the intake you have on the car, if the aftermarket intake's MAF tube is any larger or smaller than stock, dont expect the car to run or even idle right on the stock tune. Not to mention any other modifications that are on the car that require a tune as well may cause the car to not idle right on stock tune.

Pre-Whipple, I tried running my stock tune on my car and it idled like hell, but I only did it for a short period of time because I needed something done at the dealer and didnt want to risk those dumbasses messing anything up

its not currently on a stock tune though. I put the airaid can tune on there to compensate for the bigger intake so it wouldnt freak out .I get what your saying though.

Originally Posted by JBert View Post
suggestion: before you go off on too big a wild goose chase with the tune, check the simple things first:

> clean the throttle body -- if it has never been cleaned in 107K miles, that could be the issue

> clean the MAF sensor -- probably not the issue, but it is easy to do, make sure you use the real MAF cleaner, not something else which might contaminate it . . . since the new CAI was installed recently, it might have been over-oiled, which throws oil onto the MAF sensor

> make sure air filter is fairly clean, and not over-oiled

once those things are eliminated, you could try putting in the sleeve in the intake so you can try the factory tune; if that eliminates the problem, then you know it is the tune

hopefully Airaid doesnt send there products in such manner. But i will be taking these steps.Thanks
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