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Originally Posted by Clevernamehere View Post
Attached a screenshot of the data log off my car at idle after a couple minutes. i cant really capture the stall as it was so rare. I understand this is something i need to go over with a pro but perhaps there is something obviously wrong here that someone can point out while i wait for a response. the AFR looks high, my perspective being what the theoretical standard is though. not sure if its weird in this context.
A screenshot at idle is only a drop in the ocean compared to everything that the PCM looks at. Would need a playable datalog (preferably when the car stalls) to really be able to tell whats going on. I agree with Dalton2006GT, the MAF table could be off OR you could have a similar issue as what I actually have currently going on with my Whippled 2011. Turbulence in the air intake that trips the MAF out after a hard pull. Is your filter element open or enlcosed? Mine is enclosed, using the fresh air feed thru the front bumper as the main way in. After a hard pull, Ill drop into neutral at about maybe 80-90, it'll idle for a bit then fall on her face, while the car is moving. Caught the stall on datalog and Lund wasnt too concerned about it, just attributed to turbulence in the intake tube around the MAF as the MAF is RIGHT behind the massive-ass filter for the Whipple setup.

However, I will say that my stalling issue BEFORE the whipple sounds VERY similar to what youre experiencing, and I was able to trigger it by doing a hard pull (2nd or 3rd gear 2500 to 6000rpm) but it would only stall after coming to a stop and trying to maintain idle, not like now where itll stall while im moving in neutral.

See if you can trigger a stall and catch it on a datalog. PM me for my email so you can send me the datalog that way and I can try to take a look at it.

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