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Youíve got to be kidding me! What are you looking at to find number 1 cylinder? If youíre looking at intake manifold, youíre dead wrong. NPI intake goes to the passenger side first, PI intake (what your car has) goes to the driver side first. Both of them are 4.6l modular blocks and will entirely interchange with one another. So does that mean that cylinder numbering changes when someone does an intake manifold swap?

Look at the picture of the engine block posted a few posts up, the farthest forward cylinder is in fact on the passenger side. You are way overthinking this.

How about this, take the good information that people give you and stop overthinking it. Better yet, Iíve got a great solution. Open the service manual and look at the cylinder numbering.

You canít completely depend on what someone says on youtube.

Passenger front is #1.

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