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Originally Posted by ONEZ ST View Post
Stang2010: have you replaced the rear stabilizer bar links. If you still have a clunk noise in the rear suspension going over ruts and bumps hese dog-bone looking links are often the culprit.
I believe that's been done at least once. Still trying to track down every maintenance record.

Originally Posted by JBert View Post
when it gets so frustrating that you can't stand it any longer; or when the time comes to get that minivan or SUV (new family member coming?)

a new car will almost never cost less than an existing car, even when the old one needs a lot of maintenance . . . how much maintenance can you do for $500/month? (answer: a lot)

us parents love our red-headed-step-children just the same, but yeah someone else might think twice about adopting them, LOL . . . my point, same as yours, is: it is probably worth a lot more to keep and drive, than to sell
Getting married this year, and kids will likely follow relatively soon thereafter and it's very difficult to put a baby in a carseat in the back of a I'm trying to decide whether to hold on to it until that point, or just replace it now.

Originally Posted by JBert View Post
^ ^ ^ I went through that thinking when I bought my 2010 . . . . the only reason I didn't buy a 2011 at that time, was that it would have cost about $8-10K more . . . I assume the price difference is much less now so there would be no major reason not to get the later model year with the Coyote engine

but I'd go for a 2012 instead of 2014, because I don't like the catfish face of the 2013-2014 cars . . . but that's just me! :-)
I'm with you, I hate what they did with the front of the refreshed cars. I also didn't care for the black trunk lid, though the taillight change wasn't bad.

Originally Posted by NAs197 View Post
OP don't go back to the shop that charged you $700 for brakes again...
Did I get ripped off? I went to a dealer and an independent shop. Both told me the back right brake was not doing anything, and the original rotors needed replacing on a 160,000 mile car. The dealer wanted $1400, the independent shop did it for $700. Could I have gotten all the rotors and pads replaced for less?

Originally Posted by MasterX View Post
You definitely need to stop going to whatever shop charged you all that money to do those suspension and brake jobs. You have been bent over and highway robbed.
Three separate dealers and one independent shop all recommended different suspension work.
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