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Originally Posted by stang2010 View Post
Oops. I fixed my post.

As I said, it is definitely an improvement in a lot of ways but nothing earth-shattering. The power is there but without a way to manually shift (it's an automatic, no paddle shifters available) it feels like it's buried until you get to 50 mph. The old V6 feels just as fast until about 4000 RPM when the new V6 finally blows it away.

Thanks for the reply. It definitely would not be fun getting a car seat out of the back of a Mustang!

I have not driven a Charger but I have driven its sister car, the Chrysler 300. The problem is that buying an American-made car is important to me and the 300 & Charger are both assembled in Canada. But the Charger & 300 have American-built engines and transmissions so maybe it's a wash. I've also looked at the Chrysler 200 (which was assembled in America). It was discontinued but there are some good deals on fully loaded ones on the used market. It's FWD-based but if you get the AWD, sport mode does torque vectoring for a 60-40 rear bias. It was rated at 5.7 seconds for 0-60 mph. Or maybe in a couple years used Lincoln Continentals will be more affordable...

I do like the 2012, but as I mentioned the 3.7L is not night-and-day compared to the 4.0L in my opinion. The 4.0L feels torquier off the line and I actually never minded the noise. I'm surprisingly getting the same (or slightly worse) highway gas mileage in the 3.7L even though it's supposed to have vastly better highway MPG. Most of my highway driving is done in 70 mph speed zones which means I'm going 75-80. I think it's because the 3.7L is smaller and tuned for efficiency at lower highway speeds that are more like 60 mph.

I think maybe what I'll do is keep the 2010 for now. Since it's worth so little based on the age, mileage, and old engine, it costs very little to insure. That way when I eventually sell the 2012 I'll still have a Mustang. But we'll see if the fiancee will assent...

Congrats on the Scat Pack! I hear they're a riot. I've seen a handful in person but never driven one. (I'm assuming your kids aren't really 92 and 88?)

The kids are mother & mother in law.

I agree you should keep the 2010 Mustang. You are on track looking at the economy of what you eventually purchase for family use. Economy, performance, insurance, etc are major factors.

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