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Considering trading in my car

As the title states, I am thinking of trading in my Infiniti Q60 for a 2018+ Mustang GT.

I was hoping to get some peoples takes on their purchase of the late model GT.
How do you like it?
Has it given you many or any issues?
Are there issues that I should be on the lookout for?
Has it been dependable.

I can say without a doubt I know these are fun and awesome cars.

The reason I am trading the Q60 in, is that I have had nothing but the same recurring issue on this car. There were factory alignment (compressor) issues with the 2017 models and mine has been in the shop three times in three months for the same issue. The belts will start to rub and squeal, and other drivers have been replacing turbos already at 40K and below miles on this car. I just don't feel it will be good for me in the long term, and they are a PIA to work on. I know the Mustangs are more user friendly to tinker with.
Plus mine is the 300HP model, not the 400HP model. Ready for a bit more power as well.

For years and years I considered the GT, but I feel that may be the best bet for me.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I appreciate your response.

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