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Originally Posted by my89foxbody View Post
No not alone on this one, at the end of the day it's a car, will it hold value? I'm sure if you don't drive it and at that price why wouldn't you drive it unless you have massive amounts of money and collect cars like Jay Leno
Glad I am not alone. Yeah I never really understand why people buy cars just to look at, but then again if you have the money collecting cars is like collecting anything else I supposed so it makes sense when thought about that way. With that said I don't care what amount of money I have I will always drive and enjoy what I buy.

I think it will hold decent value like the rest of the Shelbys seem to do if it gets the same type following. This is what I am not sure on since they went auto only it might be a different buyer. Also with the price nearly double or more of the previous model GT500 I am wondering if that will cause them to be catering to new clients vs the old GT500 buyers were back on 2014 and prior. 50K for a supped up sports car is one thing that enthusiasts might be willing to stretch for, but 75-100K+ is something that might be out of reach for majority of the Mustang following I wonder. I mean at 100K it comes down to do I buy a house that provides me with a place to live or even rental income or a car? haha I also think this price range puts them in the comparison with brands that have long been in this range like Porsche and the like. I think if I had 100K to drop it would be hard to choose a Mustang over a nice Porsche, right?

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