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Oil change? Wut?

I have a female friend, used to be a neighbor and she and my wife found out that her husband was sleeping with one of her best friends. (Were driving to the mall and saw the two of them in the car next to them.) I told her husband what I REALLY think of him, if you get my drift. Over the years we've become friends and I'm sort of like her big brother. I especially give her advice about cars.

I traded in my Jeep last fall and a week later she was in an accident and totaled her car. She ended up buying my old car from the dealer. 174k miles but immaculate since I take care of my stuff. I always use Mobile One and a Wix filter, every 8000 miles. The engine runs perfectly and has never used a drop of oil.

She lives out of town and stopped by for a day or so and I queried her about the maintenance schedule that I had left for her. "When was the last time you changed the oil?"

"Oh, the guy just checked it before I left."

"That wasn't my question. When did you last have the oil changed?"

"Well, I think he did it. But it keeps telling me that it wasn't changed."

The Jeep has an 8000 mile reminder "clock", and understandably, not everyone knows how to reset it. So I got her owners manual, found the instructions for it, put a sticky flag on that page and highlighted the text. Then I showed her how to reset it. Then I looked at the dipstick. The oil was dirty. Obviously hadn't been changed since I owned it, 12k miles ago. So I sent her to O'Reilly to pick up 7 quarts and a filter. Then I showed her how to change the oil.

Raised the car up, got a 13mm wrench and loosened the drain bolt. Then I gave her a pair of gloves and had her take the plug out while I slid the drain pan into place.

"Why are we doing this? I usually just put new oil in on top."

Wait. Wut? "What do you mean? You don't know what an oil change is?"

"Um. I just add... Why do you drain the old oil out?"

Her ex-husband, loser, has a degree in mechanical engineering. He never told her what an oil change is. I guess the dumbax doesn't know.

So I gave he a short lecture on what oil did using a 1/4 filled bottle of Windex as a prop. Explained what oil does and why my cars run almost forever ad why her hubby's don't.

And I'm keeping the schedule updated for her. All she has to do is call me when the Jeep reminds her and I'll giver a list of what has to be done.

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