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Yeah Reo 2L73 is indeed a 2:73 rear gear.Most of the manuals came with this gear.AOD's got 3:08 sometimes I believe.Yes its a tall gear.Im surprised you found a 5.0 Mustang at the junkyard.Ive never seen one at the junkyards here,of course I primarily go to Pull-A-Part.Most of the time here,a Mustang shop called Delk Performance and a couple others seem to always get first pick on the wrecked/salvaged 5.0 Mustangs.... Even the 94-95 are only available in the 3.8 models at the junkyards,no 5.0's The 96+ SN95's are here alot though.You could possibly make some cash selling that differential online.Theyre on Ebay for $450+ and you can get the entire differential for $80 at PAP,if you can get a friend or two to ride with you to carry it or they may allow their forklift driver to come pick it up and carry it to your vehicle.94-95 differentials are even more desired.If its a regular junkyard, their price probably wouldn't make it worth buying though.

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