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No worries, it's a fun conversation, what else do we have to talk about? :-)

Agreed a "technical" comparison of GT500 versus Corvette isn't the most direct comparison . . . but they do compete for the same buyers' money so in that respect it could be meaningful. If I was in the market for a GT500, I would also consider a Corvette for sure. The big difference used to be that the GT500 had a back seat, but now for practical purposes it really is a two-seater which makes it a more direct competitor for the Corvette . . . in addition to the Camaro and Challenger and maybe Viper???

For the engine comparison, horsepower per liter was a big deal back in the day . . . but today I think other comparisons are more meaningful; like HP/weight ratio or HP/total engine volume for packaging reasons. If you can stuff more HP into a smaller space, that is more meaningful than how much displacement the engine has. Another good one would be fuel efficiency, not sure where they stand on that.

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