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Any Suggestions? having a hard time with deciding on what kind of Mustang to get.

Hi, newer driver here. So for the past 3 years I had been condemned with the rest of my family to a backwater place in Belgium and have finally moved back to the states. Now all of a sudden I have a Mustang obsession. I have been battling the with the idea of what car to really get since apparently I have a lot of things to consider and I haven't personally owned my own car before cause European regulations. I am really into the the 99-04 look but kinda also dig the 05-09 look too (idk 2010's and newer look stockier and I don't like that). Now I am trying to become a budding mechanic and would love to work on the car and put in a performance upgrade here and there but I don't think I'll really tamper with the stock look much outside of maybe lights, idk who knows. So I'm thinking about getting anything from like a 1997 v6 or better really just because I'm still pretty much a kid and money is more or less tight. There are a ton of 2002 v6 mustangs in my area for resale and some in good condition too for as low as 900. (however a 1997 GT for 300, body in good condition but like, under the hood apparently needs a bunch of work which I would think to be fun! Not like I can really drive the thing by myself yet so might as well spend some time getting to know the vehicle more personally.) I can drive a stick so I don't have to worry about that.
So anyway. Enough wasting all your time. I don't really know what to get. This should be my daily for quite some time if I'm gonna be honest, and I would love to have the best mpg per gallon but I also want to enjoy driving the thing and have some upgrading fun under the hood down the line. I'm looking to see real people's opinions about buying older mustangs, driving them all that. Am I really gonna get some more for the money that I would feel that it's worth it? Looking in my area. a 2002 in perfectly working order according to sellers is about 1100-1300 while a gt version of this family isn't going any lower than 3300. Heaven forbid I consider anything past 2004.

Also apologies I guess if I am asking this in the wrong place? Created the account to finally start asking questions and probably look up more stuff that I can do when I eventually get one for myself.

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