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I continued wiring and swapped every harness in the car this summer. Just recently got it all wrapped up, but I made a bunch of changes to the engine bay (new Aluminum radiator with 3800cfm electric fan, Miloden 7qt oil pan and new hi-capacity oil pump, short water pump, 140amp 1-wire powermaster alternator, new Sanden a/c compressor, CVF racing brackets and pulleys, GM style power steering pump, ARP bolts and studs everywhere, Dakota Digital VHX gauges, full TCP shock tower and engine bay reinforcement bars to replace old import brace and Monte Carlo bar, retrosound stereo and QA-1 shocks on all four corners).

Ended up getting a starter solenoid and I wired it up to act as a relay to run power to the starter. Upgraded to 4 gauge cable between alternator and battery with a 150amp mega fuse between them then run off the battery side of the fuse to the start solenoid and from Batt+ on start solenoid to the starter power lug. Run 10ga wire off the other side of the start solenoid to the trigger on the starter solenoid. Works very well.

My big issue now is with my right turn signal and brake lights. I have brake lights on steady whenever I go to headlights on. With the Headlights off, my brakes work like normal, turn headlight on and brake lights come on steady and no change when hitting the brake pedal. One direction of turn signal works like normal, to include the sequential rear turn signal, but throw the lever to the other side turn signal and three lights (both rear and one front turn signal) start flashing like hazard lights, or like regular turn signal blinkers.

Have I told you guys how much I love wiring...
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