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Originally Posted by ONEZ ST View Post
Eagles are doing good. Were you on the edge of your seat?

OMG, I have to edit this to remind you the Cowboys are still #1 in the NFC East. 3-0 while those Eagles are 2-2. Any comment
I was sure they were going to be 1-3 so I will take it happily and yes I was on the edge of my seat with Rodgers well inside the red zone about to tie up the game with about 30 seconds left!
I think this week will be very revealing to see if the Cowboys are going to go the distance, they are playing very well but have not played great teams in my opinion. I wish Drew Brees was playing but they seem to be doing good without him, if the Cowboys beat them I think you'll have a team that may be able to run with Brady! We will see, good luck this weekend.

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