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Originally Posted by JustAnotherRuki View Post
I'll look into that as well but I feel this is yoke related. The yoke is sticking out to much and I dont like it at all. Looks like when I replaced my leaf springs driveshaft slid out alot. I'll probably have to get me a longer driveshaft now..

The first thing I thought when I saw that picture was that the yoke shaft was about to fall out. There should be about 1" or so back from where it bottoms out on the output spline of the transmission. And the shaft should be clean and polished, protected with a thin layer of tranny fluid to keep it from rusting.

This happened to me recently when I did a transmission swap to an AOD; the original driveshaft was too short. It was engaged in the spline but not enough, and would vibrate at speed. Then of course the shaft seal started to leak as yours is. The red color in your photo is transmission fluid which is being blown back onto the U-joint.

I ended up getting my driveshaft rebuilt to the correct length. A local shop did it and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought- under $250 to "re-pipe" it, continuous welds onto my original yokes, straighten, paint and balance.

But before you do anything, check your earlier work on the springs- did someone screw that up and now causing this problem?
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