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For something standard and simple like a CAI, remote tuning should be OK. The parameters needed for that should be known, there is no mystery that needs testing. Better than that is remote tuning with a data log -- the tuner will send you a tune file, have you load it, take a test drive and data log, and send them the log file; then they can adjust the tune if needed. Dyno tune is supposedly "best" to tweak out the most performance for your car, but that is also dependent on the expertise of that local tuner (no guarantees that they all know what they are doing with your car).

If you check the info that came with the BBK CAI, does it say it requires a tune or not? If it is not clear, call BBK directly and ask them. Intakes require a tune if the Mass Air Flow metering section is larger than the original factory intake; if it is the same then a tune should not be needed. If you can confirm that the intake should not need a tune, then that suggests there is some other problem, probably something having to do with the installation, like maybe an air leak somewhere.

EDIT/PS: did you need to oil the filter in the new CAI? If so, you might have over-oiled it (or it could have been over oiled from the factory) . . . the excess oil can be carried downstream and get on the MAF sensor which screws up the readings; doesn't hurt to clean it (use real MAF cleaner) and while you're at it make sure it is correctly installed

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