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Originally Posted by speedknot View Post
You guys just love to spend my money. All kidding aside, I'll give the relo brackets a try. You guys make some good points. I was really on the fence about the summer vs all season tires. I went with the Indy 500's because they were readily available and a bit cheaper than the all season tires in my size(s). Firestone was running a $100 promo as well. I'm garaging my car in the winter so I thought the summer tires would be ok. I did have these tires on with mid 70 temps and they performed ok. The other night it was upper 50's and these acted like a different creature. I can definitely see the compound being a factor with colder temps. I guess I cant expect much when the temps drop around here. Would I have done better with all seasons?

Hey Onez. I guess what you're saying is that my heavy, less powerful R/T is a better runner than my lighter, overpowered mustang? I really haven't ran the mustang through it paces at optimal temps and road conditions, but my stock R/T seems quicker and more controlled on the 1/4 mile. I'm damned with these tires if I cant harness the 420pony's. Summer on Long Island is too short.
Your question of would you have done better with all seasons that answer is a little better, but not much. So if not driving a lot in the winter you made the right call. High HP/TQ cars aren't the best in colder temps overall. Heck any car really isn't. You can spin the tires on a kia when it gets cold enough out if you floor it... Cold roads turn tires rock solid and they just lose grip...

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