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Just now saw this from two days ago.

Again: Do not work on this connector without first disconnecting car's battery fully.

Pics are quite blurry, so I can't see what's all the damage.
I do see pin D3, which would be pink/white wire...power to blower motor appears overheated. You may have to remake a connection outside of plastic connector for that color wire.
Since that specific wire appears brownish and overheated, that one may not be caused by water, rather, heater blower pulling too much amperage for some reason...and this connection possibly being the weakest link in the blower wiring overall. You might at some time, remove blower motor, inspect and see if any debris is within squirrel cage (fan). I'm not at all sure why this area is overheated, maybe due to fan resistor if not the blower motor itself ?
If there's corrosion within other wire connections, usually they can be cleaned...may have to take the worst ones outside of connector to clean and put each back, one at a time after cleaning.
Others, or online search might help with what to use to clean up wire ends, like if they are green looking. I don't know if a spray would help, or a dip in some mild chemical ?

Connector would be part of a large wiring harness, doubtful that ford would have a plastic connector replacement. If all else fails, it's to the junk yard you go. I'd bet though that you can make the existing wiring work.
Sometimes hard to figure out how to get wires out of connector without damaging their metal crimped on ends. Takes some kind of tool...see videos within this link:

Note: I am not a great electrical guy, just a former auto tech, AND I have the factory wiring diagrams book in my hands...actual paper copy.

Do also check the 12 pin, 12 wire connector under the heater blower housing , this is not the 4 wire connector to resistor, and this is not the 2 wire connector to the motor, yet is near them, and goes horizontally below the housing....I think these wires go to the climate control module in the dash, but advise to take apart this 12 wire connector, see if there is any sign of overheating within.

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