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I think Bert has given you some very sound advice regarding handling mods. I use Vorschlag's street pro suspension on my '14 GT and it's just as the name implies, a good dual purpose set up. Tires and wheels are very important. My Boss 302 wheels are too narrow and too heavy. Nine inches wide and roughly 30 lbs. The best part about them is the cost, looks and correct offset. Offset is pretty important for a variety of reasons. In any case 11 inch width is about all you can stuff under these cars and still keep the tires within the fenders. At 11 inches you will have to do some real work to get everything to fit and you will almost certainly need to have different offsets front and rear. If you go to Vorschlag's web site they have a really detailed write up on a 2011 shop car that is definitely worth your time to look at before you start spending money. Speaking of money, do you own this car or does the bank own most of it? If you don't own it outright and you make modifications that the bank thinks adversely affects it's value this could be a problem. If you decide to track the car are you prepared to write it off and still pay the bank off on a totaled car? This probably won't happen, but you really need to think about it. At least the car is old enough to be out of warranty so mods won't cause an issue there. Have fun and good luck.
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