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Hi Shekelim! I have had the clearbra on my Mark LT for about 12 years... the good news is there has been no peeling, yellowing, etc. and I can tell you I am personally amazed at the physical protection it has provided....including rocks bouncing out of a dump truck running 70+ mph on SoCal freeway! Although there is no typical discoloration, in the past few years it has gotten a bit of what I would call a "haze" to it....kinda like water-spot white...which when I applied paint sealer to it initially it brought it back to life so to speak....but in the past year, I'm using oil (mineral spirits) to give it the nice appearance and yes, I will be replacing it.... but in all, 12 years of use is no bad at all! The newer materials are much less prone to this. Mark LT sits outside FYI

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