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Originally Posted by Beechkid View Post
Depending on where specifically the batteries are located and how much physical protection is provided for them ..if they took a page out of Tesla....good luck in finding a AAA tow truck that will tow you....yup...their policy is "No"...and Tesla will tow it for you but...of course...there is a charge (read the small print in your 30 page agreement - grin) and no they won't apply it (the fee you pay them for towing) towards repairs, etc.

the main battery will be between the wheels as the floor. There is also a smaller battery in the front trunk that is separated by a battery isolator to supply power to the locks. if the main battery dies they clam the small battery will not and it will let you into your vehicle to access the inside and trunks.

they copied Tesla floor battery and yes towing will be an issue
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