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Originally Posted by Beechkid View Post
Depending on where specifically the batteries are located and how much physical protection is provided for them ..if they took a page out of Tesla....good luck in finding a AAA tow truck that will tow you....yup...their policy is "No"...and Tesla will tow it for you but...of course...there is a charge (read the small print in your 30 page agreement - grin) and no they won't apply it (the fee you pay them for towing) towards repairs, etc.
That's interesting about the towing. When I inquired about a model 3 Perf with my insr, it was going to go up $500 per year.
That was compared to a fusion Sport, so it is a much more expensive car, but the model 3 LR
AWD is 0-60 of about what my tuned FS runs now, so I didn't see the point spending 50 grand
for about what I already have.

Originally Posted by ONEZ ST View Post
@07redstang ,

I do not hesitate saying this is a branding tactic Ford will regret. You simply don't hijack the good name of one of the longest continuous production historic model car without repercusions.
Agree totally. The one's with the most passion about it, are the one's that hate it.
The one's who are meh, might buy a Mach-E this year, but next year they will not think
twice about buying a Yenko-E. Not even a bit of brand loyalty.

That passion is what drives impulsive (read many times expensive) Mustang sales and
mods, along with clubs, meets, message boards, arguments all day long with chebbie owners,
and most importantly for Ford, preference many times for other more mundane Fords (we have
a Fusion and Escape for DD's).
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