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Originally Posted by MartyG68 View Post
I know this is old but this was a good read for someone new to the game. 2005 GT manual, only 6700 miles. Gonna have fun with her!
You found an 05 with less than 7k on the odometer?!?! Hats off to you my man.
Now, to add to the original discussion, let me start off by saying that I could've bought a 5.0 anytime in the last 9 or so years.
The 4.6 05-09 was pretty much raw and noisy off the showroom floor. It was fairly loud and put you back in your seat like the classics from the 60s did. That's what I believe the OP was getting at.
You have to remember, this was 2005 when Ford put this out. There was no Camaro, Challeger, Charger or anything else. Ford started the Pony wars all over again in 2005. The 05, 300hp, 325tq was pretty f/n cool then. It had power and handling. GM took notice and woke up.
Compared to what has been said here, the 5.0 is more refined, quite, luxurious,I believe was mentioned. Who wants that that truly loves the classics?!?!
I can say, I've surprised a lot of people with my set up and standard transmission. Knowing how to drive what you have is huge!!!
In my opinion it comes down to this. Are you a horsepower wh&@$ That has to keep up with the jones's or do you really like cars.
Sorry if this seams like a rant, but I'm keeping my 08 and my next car will be a classic hot rod!!

08 GT 5spd
Spectra CAI, Comp Cam Detroit Rockers, Kooks headers w/catted H-pipe, Revolution Automotive dyno tuned, FB430 race mufflers, 3.55s, JLT catch can, BMR Lca's and relo brackets. Prothane motor mounts and sway bar bushings.
20% tint, smoked markers and tail lights w/sequentials. Clear front signal covers, series 3 chin spoiler.

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