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Ive tried those as well as cork end rail gaskets,but Ive had much better luck at getting the intake to seal using neither of those."The Right Stuff" that comes in an aerosol can (size & shaped like a can of mousse for your hair) is some really great sealant,especially for these seal locations.It lays down a bead slightly bigger than toothpaste.When lowering the intake onto the block,four 3-4" long bolts (with the head cut off) screwed into the block at both front & rear corners,will make installation of the intake easier since these bolts will guide the intake in place evenly,so that the gaskets & sealant wont be disturbed.I recommend new intake bolts too.Ive had a few break off in the head while torquing them down from using old bolts.Cleaning or replacement of the pcv valve metal screen filter & pcv valve is a good idea too,since that screen is hard to access with the upper intake in place.

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