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Crazy electrical issues??? BCM?

My 2014 GT Coupe (non convertible) is acting up and I think its the BCM? But I'm not 100% sure.
Here are my symptoms:
1. Gauge cluster started tweaking out one day, I assumed it was battery, which died a week later of not even using the car (new battery of a year or so) - I replaced that.
2. Now my guage cluster still acts up, I get TPMS sensor failure, It looks like a christmas tree lighing up when I start it. Gauges flip out up and down, etc. I checked most of the fuses in the passenger fuse box and the under hood fuse box, they seem fine. HOWEVER I did notice water under the fuse box in engine bay...which is very concerning.
3. Turn signals and headlights do not power on despite being switched on and off. AC/heater does not work, hazard lights do not work, trunk does not open from key or from trunk button. Radio is ON but no lights, I can adjust volume from Sync steering controls but not form the radio itself. My windows roll up and down, brake lights work, TCS turns on and off with button, same button set that wont turn on the hazards and trunk actuation though.
4. Sometimes while driving random things will pop up, BRAKE light stays engaged, door open alert turns on.
5. Consistent issue is TPS failure showing no matter what.
6. I have tested alternator, starter and all are good, plus its a new battery after the last one got drained..

Has anyone experienced this? Im thinking to swap out the under engine fuse box but from what Ive read it is the BCM-2 or the control box in the trunk, can anyone attest to that?

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