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Originally Posted by kinigit View Post
I've been very unhappy with my Shaker 500 also. I was underwhelmed when I first heard it.

Are the Shaker 500 speakers that bad? Has anyone just replaced the head unit or just replaced the speakers? I was wondering what the weak link is, if it is the head unit or the speakers or just a combination of both.

I would like to hook an iPod into my system because I've been unhappy with the iPod FM transmitters. I was thinking about the PIE adapter but now I'm thinking about just replacing the head unit with a JVC unit that has HD radio and iPod interface.

JVC KD-HDR1 CD receiver with built-in HD Radio tuner and MP3/WMA playback at

I don't know if I should replace my speakers also.
UR right they SUCK I replaced mine with POLK
audio MOMO speakers and noticed a world of diff.
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