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MacDiesel 11-02-2004 06:49 PM

98 cobra factory alarm problem
i have a factory alarm on my 98 cobra. i don't think it came from the factory actually, but it is a ford alarm. (it may be factory i have no clue really) the last 2 weeks or so whever i hit a bump the fuel pump cuts out for a split second and my rpm's drop, and then jump back up. the alarm never actually sounds, but it does shut off the pump, and if it does it enough times in a row then my theft light starts to blink. also, what makes me think it is my alarm is it is being really sensitive while it is parked in my driveway. it has went off numerous times when a loud truck drives by or pulls in my driveway. it has never been like this before. i am fed up with it. i have tried adjusting the sensitivity switch, but that has done nothing. i am about to take it to ford, but I wanted to try and fix it my self. If nothing else does someone know how to at least disable one of these alarms? THANKS EVERYONE

Fiat Freak 12-08-2004 10:39 AM

I'm new to Stangs, so I don't know if you have an electric pump, right? I betcha if you disabled the alarm system, you'd still have fuel delivery problems. Sounds like there is a common wire shorting out (possibly the ground).

Separate the variables and chase one problem at a time, rather than assuming that both are directly related. Does it matter that the car doesn't move but the security system works? Fix the fuel delivery first.

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