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Conversation Between Kyle F and JB02GT
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  1. Kyle F
    02-23-2007 - permalink
    Kyle F
    Yup, I already sent an invetation to RJ to get out with us. Hopefully by the End of the Summer I will have reason to take the Convertible. There is another gentleman I need to invite as well. I helped him put a short shifter in his car at my house, just like we need to do with yours!
  2. JB02GT
    02-23-2007 - permalink
    You ask why I have better pictures? Simple - I've hogged all the good scenery for myself! Seriously, we'll have to get that '06 out and about when Spring gets here for good. Maybe we'll even do Cades Cove - on a day when it isn't crowded. There were quite a few cars when Christi and I went up there. I have to admit, stop and go traffic on those hills got a little 'rough' on my left knee. We might even have some company - I think RJ8806 wants to get together, and we might even be able to convince Snake Plisken to bring his super-nice Terminator (or his Fox body.)
  3. Kyle F
    02-22-2007 - permalink
    Kyle F
    Why do you have better pictures than I do?
  4. JB02GT
    12-12-2006 - permalink
    That '06 is pretty nice. Too bad it's not yellow! Oh, well, I reckon my '02 will still associate with it - the pics of them together just won't look as cool. Need to hear the new exhaust soon!
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