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Originally Posted by slpy4444 View Post
Trying to outrun the cops after speeding and running a yellow/red light. I had a 1984 Mercury Cougar wiht a 118hp V6. Not a good idea.
They got me, made me waste 20 minutes of my time, then let me go with a verbal warning. I never understood why, I got costly tickets for a lot less than that.
Because Montreal.
Originally Posted by Deezul View Post
theres more here.............spill!
I was driving on the highway on my way to a strip mall (if that's what you want to call it) with some friends. My car was a '95 G20, and if any of you know what that is, you know it's a pretty low car, but actually not much lower than any corolla, civic, etc.

So I was in the right lane as my exit was coming up and there was this crazy lifted truck slowly coming up behind me with HARD headlights blinding me like crazy through all my mirrors and basically any reflective surface that was in any way aimed rearwards. It was legitimately dangerous, and I can't stand people like this.

I take my exit, and he happens to be taking the same exit. At the first stop, he ends up right next to me and I (being 17) flipped him off, although at the time I doubt he saw me because his truck was about 3 times the height of my car, and I was wearing pretty dark gloves. I couldn't see his face. He drives off.

I park my car in the middle of this huge parking lot (there were plenty of other cars, but it was pretty late and cold and everyone was indoors pretty much, there was no one around). We chill out in my car for a few minutes while we are deciding what to do, and then we decide to get out and use the washroom at the nearby movie theater. Once we are on the sidewalk, Mr. lifted F250 creeps up on us from behind (after what I'm guessing was 10 minutes of driving around this parking lot looking for us).

The guy rolls down his window, I can barely hear what he is saying over his diesel V8.

Guy: Why did you give me the finger?
Me: What?? *put my hand on my ear*
Guy: Why did you give me the finger??
Me: Your brights were on the whole way down the highway back there, you were blinding half the city.
Guy: NO I WASN'T, IT'S NOT MY FAULT YOUR CAR IS LOW (blah blah, French Canadian rage)
Me: Dude, you are supposed to tilt down your headlights when you lift your truck that much, it's the law. My car isn't that low, and even if it was, I still shouldn't have been being blinded by your heads.
Guy: Yeah?! Yeah?! Well *as if he is about to start a 4-1 fight*, you better watch who you flip off, bro. (he repeats this about 3 times)
Me: *Me realizing this is pointless* Whatever man...

He drives off, and he stuck around the area for a while before getting lost.

After he leaves, my friend who was standing a dozen feet away pointed out that the guy had this slutty looking girl in the pass. and he was probably just trying to look manly.

TL;DR Flipped off a truck for blinding me with his headlights. Guy got pissed and then drove off.

I have other stories but I can't seem to remember them ATM.

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Originally Posted by powerhogger View Post
I want to see this video
Maybe I will post it, but I don't want to get into any more trouble than I did.

When the cop was reading off the charges on the ticket, I spliced in footage from other drives that I took that exemplified those charges.

But hey, life makes fools of us all right??

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I got an attempt to elude once, passed a cop doing 80 in my 72' 442, soon as I passed him, I floored it, he caught up to me about a mile away.
My step dad at the time (passed away) knew pretty much all the judges in the county, he was a process server, and he got it taken care of, but if i got a ticket in a year, he would nail me with the attempt to elude.

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I passed a state cop doing 80 going into a 40 zone. This thread has turned into a "I got away with it" and I did on this one as well.

Fortunately for me it was a detective on his way home. He immediately lit me up and pulled me over and asked why I passed a cop going 40 over into a 40 zone. I replied that I did not know he was a cop because he was doing about 70 or so himself.

He laughed, gave me back my DL and said slow down. Too bad for him as he had to follow me for 7 miles with me doing 55 on the two lane road.

Then there was the other thing on the Kennedy in Chicago and I can't say more without knocking on wood. And I already have 4 time even without the details.
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Oh GOD, where do I start....

Many, many moons ago, as a teen I was riding a crotch rocket down the NW Tollway just outside of Chicago, at a pretty high rate of speed. I smoked right by a Illinios State Trooper sitting on the side of the road and instantly saw the lights come on. I nailed it and disappeared into the night.

I get home, park the bike, go inside and go to bed.

The next morning I wake up, come downstairs, and there is my dad and my neighbor sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and chatting. My neighbor was a State Trooper. I think nothing of it, as he was always at my house.

I said good morning to both, pass them to get to the fridge, and the next thing I know I my face is planted squarely on the kitchen floor and I hear "THE NEXT TIME YOU BLOW BY ME LIKE THAT YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GOING TO JAIL!!!!"

Now, you would have expected that voice to have belonged to the trooper, right?

Nope. It was my dad's voice.

My dad had, unbeknownst to me, been doing a ride along with my neighbor that night.

Needless to say I was forced to get rid of the bike, and I never pulled a stunt like THAT again

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In my 2012 GT one warning in Texas for "chirping" second in a Home Depot parking lot. I thinkthe Cop just wanted to check out my car as we chatted about half and hour with the hood up. In Virginia I got a warning for wreckless driving and verbally chastised with sarcasm for doing same thing. Other wise got away with everything else I have done in this car, what they do not know wont hurt them. Thank god for my Escort 8600 and unpopulated areas :nogrinner

In other cars and motorcycles, particularly when younger??? Geez that would take way too much typing.

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OMG... After two glasses of whiskey, I am crying so hard I can barely type...

This brings back so many memories of years gone by.

Outrunning a cop...

Not knowing how I ever got out of a reckless driving situation...

Olympia, WA to Seattle in 30 minutes or less...

What i did get nailed for? 49 in a 25 mph zone.

Many moons ago...

Sorry to pull up an old thread. I am a noob around these parts.
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"the most amount of trouble I've gotten into"?

Jail on two different occasions for reckless operation. (back when I was a teenager. I'm 37 now)

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had a rental dodge charger while i was in Virginia, got pulled over a 4am for reckless driving (83 in a 55) just south of DC. told the cop i couldn't make it to the court date so he threatened to take me to jail. Had a buddy of mine who lives in Virginia go in place of me. All i ended up receiving was a $160 dollar fine.

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$300 ticket for going 50 in a 45, right as the speed limit was going from 45 to 55 on a four lane highway. Other than that, I've multiple warnings for disorderly conduct (loud music...in the middle of the afternoon) years ago.

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I've had way more than my share. Growing up in the mountains, out running cops was a point of pride and pretty much everyone did it. I used to get in a lot of trouble but I've grown up quite a bit.

I got caught once after running from a cop. I pulled into a used car lot and shut the engine off hoping he'd miss us. He didn't, pulled up and blocked us in. I didn't have a license, was in a friend's car, during school hours with a box of spraypaint and I had a record. Somehow we convinced him we were doing an art project for homecoming (all true, I was an artist and used to do murals on the field) and that I wasn't running. Somehow he decided to let me go.

I've had a few of those "to stop or to floor it" moments too. One big one was after a race where I had been doing 130+ but only got a ticket for 80 in a 70.

I'll tell one of my more juicy ones in about 5 more years.
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My best friend and his dad restored a beautiful 69 Camaro ss. We took it for a spin on the highway and we saw a supercharged cobalt purposely wait at a green light for us as it soon turned red. And what do you know, as the light turns green we both floor it but the cobalt immediately lets off the gas...we still go flying only to find three cars behind us is a cop with his lights on. Got pulled over and my buddy gave his Pba card. Although it wasn't me driving, that's probably the most trouble I've been in on the road....and it was also a defining moment in my childhood which ultimately led me in muscle cars.

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My graduation present was an '06 R6 crotch rocket. (graduated "07)

2 weeks into it i got clocked doing 160 in a 55... chased, out ran the squad car and 2 others. (it's 2 am ) next thing i see a spot light on the road in front of me... i knew the police helicopter for Ft Worth could only do 140 so i nailed it.. i DID forget he doesn't have to follow the road like me.. i took a left and he got ahead of me by cutting the corner (birds line rather than a road) ... so i stopped... lit up a cig... smoked it and turned off the bike.. cops got there .. TACKLED me .... put me in the back... didn't read my rights or anything .. if i tried to talk they said SHUT UP... got to the jail and they cuffed me to the bench in the lobby.... sat there for 45 mins.. then my mom walked in and beat the **** out of me while the officers laughed..

oh if you didn't know.. my mom has been a ft worth cop for 26 years and was very high rank over these men :/ ... i would have rather went to jail !! :/

no charges, but i didn't learn my lesson... laid my bike down 3 days later doing 140 and spent 3 weeks in the hospital...

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Originally Posted by J Orbit View Post
I'll tell one of my more juicy ones in about 5 more years.
Why wait? No time like the present and the kids are in bed. Haha.

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