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Originally Posted by Jimmy Toronto View Post
If anyone lives in the Toronto area, you know the roads are not to good, My test drive was around 25 klms alone kingston road, Now as far as the suspension and it being good over bumps and not skipping around, Well maybe I drive to fast but the rear end does not stay planted,any better than my 14 track pack,
Just curious, what were the temps and road conditions (dry, wet, etc) when you test drove?

2015 mustang GT, Performance Pack, Recaro seats, All-weather floor mats.

Ordered: 5/20/14
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Delivered: 12/10/14
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Originally Posted by dastefster View Post
Just curious, what were the temps and road conditions (dry, wet, etc) when you test drove?
Today was a nice day outside. temps were 16-20 degrees. Road conditions dry. This is just my opinion coming from a 14 track pack that is tuned. Im sure the car will wake up with a tune and some better gas, the car had 91 octane in it,

2014 GT Track Pack. JLT CAI. 94 dyno Tune,MBRP street catback, LCA, PHB, Springs.
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Pretty funny. If you were here when the 13's came out, you'd have read thread after thread from the 11-12 owners bashing the 13's looks.

Originally Posted by britishmuscle View Post
I'm European and its too european for me as well. I just bought a 2014 GT. In futue I think we'll look back on the 13-14 as classics

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I finally went and test drove one! A base model GT with a MT-82.

So here's my few thoughts.

I liked that even though the interior felt smaller it felt like everything on the center stack more in reach than in my car.
The light clutch was nice, once I got used to it. Mine felt very heavy when I was back in my car.

The ride was definitely much improved! It was firm but smooth, surprisingly firm for a base model. Although I wasn't pushing it in corners.
I really liked the seats! With the support those have its hardly worth getting Recaros.
Less road noise, almost too quiet, but good exhaust would fix that.
The shifter was nice and positive compared to the old one. Not quite as short of throws as my MGW obviously but much improved.
The ring to pull up to get into reverse is a better idea than pushing the shifter down, no accidentally going into reverse there.
And last of all I'm happy with my 3.73 gears! I didn't see on the sticker what this one had so I'm guessing 3.31. It didn't have the same 2nd gear pull that mine does.
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Its funny hearing S197 guys say the new interior does nothing for them...I had an 05, 08, and now a 2013 (picking up my 15 GT Monday), and once I sat in the 15 I realized how cheap and horrible the S197 cabins were.
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Post your 2015 Mustang Reviews Here!

Had some free time the other day so I figured id swing by the dealer and see what they had, lucky for me they had one 15 gt on the lot. Premium with the track pack and a manual transmission. First impressions i really like the looks, much better in person. The interior is amazing, you can still find the hard plastic but I've owned a 06, 14, and a 11 and the 15s interior is very nice. The controls are simple to use for the my touch and as well as adjusting the driving mode with the toggle switches. I really liked the shifter and the mt-82 felt very smooth, none of the usual crunch or slop. The shifter also feels good in the hand. The seats were super comfortable and the quality is decent.

Since I was test driving and I was the only person to have driven it I couldn't really push it on the street to get a feel for the new irs. I can say that feels very nice on the road, very smooth, and quite. However the steering felt sloppy even in sport mode. It just didn't feel like it was connected to anything. Also I wasn't impressed by the power, it feels no faster than my 11 but I'm also tuned which is probably why they feel similar.

Overall if I was in the market for a new car I could see myself buying one, i really like the design of it and how the it drives. After seeing the gt350 though I would rather save the money for that.

2011 Race Red GT/CS: current
MGW race spec shifter, Borla ATAK axle backs w/ resonator deletes, Boss Intake Manifold w/ Steeda CAI, stainless power longtube headers, driveshaft shop carbon fiber drive shaft, ACT twin disc clutch.

2014 Race Red V6: sold
Airaid Cold Air Intake, pype bomb axle backs, bama 91p tune, ford racing 3.73 gears, Barton short throw shifter, Mac ceramic shorty headers.
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Originally Posted by Stang Me View Post
I'm still shopping for my first Mustang. Something seems to always get in the way every time I get close . . . kids in college, moving, no room in the driveway, moving, changing careers, etc. I am hoping to finally do it this time.

Anyway, I test drove both a 15 GT and a 14 GT the other day. I wanted to do them back to back. I wanted SO MUCH to like the 14 better because of the massive price difference (due to the massive rebates on the 14) but the 15 was so much nicer on the inside, looked better on the outside and felt much better on the road.

Since I'm going against the grain a little here I will qualify my statements above: the only 14 GT I could find fast to keep my experience "fresh" was an auto and the 15 was a manual (which is what I want). Also, I'm not a sports car expert like many here not having ever owned a muscle car.

I'll still have to wait until rebates start in March though because there's no way I'm paying sticker (some dealers around here are even playing the add-on game).
I wouldn't call it "going against the grain". It's more like original thinking and not being stuck in the past. And since you don't already own a late model Mustang, you haven't fallen prey to the sour grapes syndrome.
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Well I'm happy to announce that I finally did it! I'm now the elated owner of a 15 GT Premium Coupe - silver - manual. It's beyond awesome. There was even a little surprise (at least to me) with the lighting outside (I won't ruin it but maybe everyone knows about it except for me?).

I'll post pics when I get a chance. I'm still learning everything about the car. It's a technology wonderland/nightmare combo.

I had to look up my axle ratio by searching for code GG which I believe is 3.31. Perhaps someone could verify?

For any fellow Colorado shoppers, I'd like to highly recommend the dealer I used. I'm not sure if the site allows me posting it so PM me if you're interested. I got a great deal and they treated me like gold. Another reason to PM me . . .I'll get a referral fee!
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A Serious search for a midlife crisis car (wall of text warning)

Ok, since it seems we are a little light on real reviews i thought i would post my last six months of car shopping.
In June i decided i was finally going to buy a midlife crisis car. I own a 2004 40th anniversary GT but my brother bought a 2012 so i thought i would one up him and get something like a BMW M3 or a corvette. so i started researching.
Needless to say, because of pricing and financing i had to lower my sights a smidge and get either a 2015 camaro, a 2015 Mustang a 2015 challenger or a 2014 BMW 335IS coupe. so i went out to test drive them.
I liked the camaro because due to the pricing i could afford to buy a new 2SS and then get the trans am body kit for it and have something special to tool around in for under 40k, so i went out to three diferent chevy dealers and started test driving. All i am going to say is that the build quality on 2015 camaro's is Shameful and scary. Bits were actually falling off brand new cars i was test driving. since this is not supposed to be a VS thing i will leave it at that.
I sadly crossed the camaro off my list. Then i came to the BMW. the 335IS is a REALLY nice car it rode beautifully it had plenty of power and actually got fairly good gas mileage. ultimately though i decided i had to be a member of the 400HP club, so off it came.
The next was the 2015 challenger RT. it had everything you could want in a muscle car. huge grunt. very nice interior. awesome soundtrack, but ultimately it felt like driving a sedan so off it came.
Lastly we come to the Mustang. I test drove two, a Red Base GT with six speed and Performance pack and a Black GT Premium with 401a equipment group (shaker audio and SYNC) to go with its six speed manual.
Notice no Perf pack on the Premium... The Red one was Very nice. the first thing you notice is that the body panels are very nicely mounted with good lines and no rattles or shakes. i liked the painted rear valance which my brothers 12Gt doesn't have. the paint was Factory perfect, which means as good as factory paint gets... Then i got in the drivers seat.
The first thing you notice is that everything looks well put together There were no plastic flashing edges on the door panel! which we had to remove from my brothers car. (these are the thin sharp plastic ridges where the mold fits together when they make the door panel) That is the main reason why i never considered a mustang. his 2012 GT Premium has an abysmal interior with cheap plastic everywhere, and everything from rattling button covers on the steering wheel to AC vents that wont stay where you put them. There is NONE of that in the new mustang. it is tight and well made. more like a base model honda or toyota than any ford you remember.
The car drove shockingly well. it handled railroad tracks, potholes, and a very bad parking lot entrance with the composure of a camry without ever feeling sedan like. the road noise is a distant murmur easily drowned out by the muted V8 Rumble.
We couldn't really test anything performance wise because of rush hour traffic, but we did get on the highway. This is where i noticed what i do not like about the track pack. At 70mph in sixth gear i am at about 2600 Rpm. it really seems to want another gear for cruising. Power is readily available in any gear, though 1st and 2nd gear are over so fast i cant really be sure they are there at all. The driving history function says that the average mpg for this GT was 14MPG it had 255 miles on it. I am going to hazard a guess and say that with a 2600 RPM cruise at 70 you will never see 24MPG.
Anyway on to the GT Premium. The GT Premium was black and the first thing you notice is that the Interior has FAR more in common with the BMW than any of the other Muscle cars. It was Nothing like any ford i had EVER seen.
The car is all Leather with good visible stitching and nice metal, or at least metallic buttons and knobs. it also has either real carbon fiber dash trim, or a very very good fake. i liked it much better than the brushed aluminum look in the other car.
Ride quality and handling was probably about the same although it felt much better. I did get to horse around with this one much more because the rush hour traffic had died away by this time. It had acceleration at least as good as my Brothers 2012 although it seemed like less because you didn't hear the wind rushing by the exterior. when you get on the throttle it sounds properly nasty but when you back off it immediately resumes its smooth, quiet rumble.
Here is what made me decide to not buy the Performance package though. First it comes with painted black wheels which i am not a fan of, and second, (this is the clincher) at 70mph on the highway in sixth gear it is at 1900RPM instead of 2600. I had no idea that 3:73 rear gears made that much difference and since i am not a drag racer i am going with the cushy options instead of the perf package.
All in all the New Mustang is so far ahead of the Camaro and Challenger in actual useability and build quality it really isn't a comparable car anymore. it has far more in common with a BMW 3 series or an Audi A4 with Far better performance. the little ticking tenths of time the Camaro has over the mustang dont come anywhere near making up for the Astonishingly bad build quality and poor useability of the former.
The C7 corvette has an interior light years ahead of the camaro but if its better than the mustangs in any way i couldn't tell from test driving them. Yes i was trying for a C7 but the price is Juuuust out of my comfortable range..... So i will be getting a 2015 GT Premium with 401a and a manual... either in deep impact blue or magnetic grey But i am sticking with the shiny wheels
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2004 Crimson Red 40th anniversary edition GT
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Originally Posted by Allentown View Post
The 2015 mustang is upon us.
It doesn't matter what they do with these 2015 Mustangs until they get rid of the stupid looking & hideous reverse light. It has completely ruined the car. Everything else is great. I would buy one tomorrow (seriously). I have the cash & credit and there is one on my local lot that I'd buy... if not for that ridiculous reverse light; might as well have a flood light bolted on back there, it wouldn't look much worse.

These engineers are messed up... they always have to come up with some way to ruin what could be a great car. I'm sure there will an aftermarket kit to remove or replace this hideous lamp. And I'm sure they will be redesigned within a year or two.
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Post your 2015 Mustang Reviews Here!

Getting around to posting my review, finally. First, some background so you can judge my bias - everyone has some, right?

I have two, 2012's. I custom-ordered my V6, then loved it so much, I decided to trade up to a Boss. Then I decided to keep the V6 as a daily driver, since I’d taken the depreciation hit and my ’03 SUV was approaching 200k miles. I recently had stored the Boss for winter, and had the V6 in for an oil change one Saturday in November. While I waited, I noticed the first production 2015 I'd seen in our area on the sales lot. I don't remember all the options, but it was a black on black GT performance pack. It had leather Recaros and the MT82.

I was considering trading the V6 in on an EcoBoost in Spring, and even have approval from my wife - "pre-qualified" if you will. Since we are keeping the Boss (“I don’t care what you sell, the Boss stays,” says she), I was ok letting the other 2012 go - even though I give a nod in styling to the later 5th-gens over the 6G's. So you won't stop reading, that's all I'm going to say about the exterior appearance of the S550's. It's all personal taste. No winning or losing this debate. The 2015 is a head-turner. Rachel and Monica were both beautiful. Put them side by side though, and you're eyes will probably gravitate toward one over the other. For you young people, Friends reruns are available on TBS weekdays at 4:00. (I found Ross a pretty whiney, but Chandler will help you muscle through it.)

After explaining my plans to the salesman, I got the keys and slipped inside. The new interior is simply outstanding. It wraps around you and gives you an immediate high-quality, command and control feeling. It's not cushy or luxurious, but more like a sports car than a muscle car. Makes you feel all James-Bondy. I suspect one of the toggles releases the tire-defeating nails when an international enemy is in hot pursuit.

The interior, however, feels smaller inside than the S197s. While visibility remains good as with all Mustangs, the amount of glass, the sloping roof, the height of the console, the dual-brow dash all seem to bring everything closer in. Rear seats have never really been adequate in these cars - they are noticeably less so in the 550's. While my family of 3 can take a 2012 out comfortably for a few hours, I'm not sure about a '15. Perhaps it's the combination of the high-backed Recaros with this new roofline. I didn't attempt to sit in back, but wish I had.

All the comments about driver controls are right, and your tastes will determine if they're good or bad. The clutch is softer and higher, the shifter is firmer, the steering wheel is smaller, the Recaros are tighter, and the cup holders will let you shift better. I liked them all, especially the shifter - so much better than S197 stock. It's something in between the farm-implement heft of the outgoing GT500 and the glitch-shift of its cousin Mustangs. Still a short-throw, but stiffer in a good way. You don't feel like you might break it now. So far so good.

Then, I drove it.

Bias alert (aka, Grain of Salt 1): I don't drive a lot of cars. I have driven relatively few performance cars. I don't track, drag, or auto-cross. I drive Mustangs enthusiastically, and SUVs practically. I do have a 2012 Boss and I commute using twisty side roads rather than the freeway on purpose. I bought my Boss barely used, so I didn't even get to Track Attack. My Boss is a RCWLPTD (Race Car Without a License Plate or Trained Driver).

That said, here are my list of driving experiences in the order I experienced them. I tried to remain objective, and am noting where some bias may come in. You can sort it into Pros and Cons – my Cons may be your Pros.

Pulling out of the lot, hitting the bump of the driveway approach and entering traffic, the car felt more substantial than even the Boss. That is to say, heavier. The driver's door felt heavier when I closed it, and I thought it was my imagination. So Grain of Salt 2 (GOS2) is needed here: I have not driven an S197 GT Premium. The Boss is pretty much a strippo other than drive-train upgrades, and lacks perhaps some of the weight-adding refinements of the Premium. The 2015 thankfully fell short of bloated. Some would argue that refinement, with its requisite lack of harshness or connectedness, adds to the perception of heft. You can decide after your test drive.

This car had all of 27 miles on it, well before the magic 1k. You know, when the sleeping ponies arise from hibernation and take you to horsepower heaven? So, GOS3 - the car was not yet broken in. But, it felt a bit anemic. I am going to assume that because both this 5.0 PP and the Boss have 3.73's, and MT82s, and engines within a few HP and foot-pounds of each other, that a broken-in 2015 Coyote will snap your head back into the waiting embrace of the Recaro high-backs like 5th-gen GTs do. It didn't during my test drive, unfortunately. This made me sad. I'm hoping it's an early-in-the-season-for-a-rookie sad, and not a too-heavy-to-tango-on-Stars sad.

I found the steering to be much the same as the 5Gs. I didn't check settings, but I am a fan of Ford's electric-assist rack and pinion. It felt familiar to me and gave me confidence. Unlike other reviewers, I didn’t notice a lack of feedback. To me, Ford absolutely got the steering right - as close to no-assist feedback as I would guess you can get at this price point.

The cockpit is quiet, also as others have stated. Too quiet? This brings me to GOS4: Boss side pipes. Mine have the stock restrictors. I find them just a bit shy of "drop everything and look at me," but definitely the other side of “sleeper.” I personally would not go louder. But, I do appreciate a good exhaust note - one you readily hear and almost feel inside the car at times. I don't know if the sound tube haters got to Ford, or if the EPA has blamed 5.0 driveway revving for Spotted Whatnot eggs being shaken from their nests, but the '15 GT is lacking rumblicousness. Grain of Salt 5 would be the cold-outside, windows-up nature of this test drive.

After clearing our way out of traffic, we headed for some curvy roads. I wanted to run it through a spirited-drive parallel test. There was a good mix of rough spots, curves, and varied speed limits. There were even some straight-aways, with no other cars, where I could accelerate and pretend dashed lines were slalom cones. OK, a little embellishment there. The salesman was with me (GOS6), so I was a bit limited - but not so much I couldn’t get a good comparison drive out of it. He was cool, and quickly learned to brace himself with each heads up I gave him.

While the car corners very well, it did not do so well in the Snap My Kit-Kat handling department. I don’t have an engineering or race-driver term for this, but I suspect the IRS’ many pros create a con or two for the uninitiated. That, or Ford’s got some tuning to do. I’ll assume the former. Maybe it’s like trying the pricier Starbucks after years of McDonalds coffee and deciding the Starbucks tastes burnt. The burnt taste this car left with me is Squish. Or Flex. Maybe Roll, but I don’t think it was that. I can’t quite place the taste, actually. The go-carts we built as kids, after all, were solid rear axle. Perhaps some of us Neanderthals have a primal attraction to two wheels being stuck on a stick. The only lean we got when yanking the steering cord was if two wheels came off the ground. Keeping the comparison between Mustangs, though, I have to say the handling felt to me to be closer to my V6 PP than to the Boss. More refined and stable than both, but decidedly less go-cart than the Boss, and more flex like the V6 PP. That flex may get you around the track a couple tenths faster, but it may not be as fun. Your G's may vary.

We headed back via the freeway. There was a curvy on-ramp that let me try high acceleration and some delayed steering to exaggerate the sharpness of the curves. This is when what I assumed to be the IRS felt its oddest to me. Instead of sliding tires and a rigid body, the tires stayed planted and the body or suspension flexed. Almost as if centrifugal force and the IRS had the car leaning into the left curve, left shoulder down and right hip up, in an effective but unnatural way. I can’t say I liked it.

I wanted to like it. My expectations were high (GOS7). I expected to be wowed by a GT PP, and theorized that an EcoBoost Performance Pack, while slower, would be as good or better-handling than the "Boss-slaying" IRS GT. I’m doubtful now, and this is based on comparing two cars ('12 Boss, '15 GTPP) with only $1,000 difference in MSRP. (GOS8: The 2015 was loaded.) I do still plan to drive an EB PP, but unless I like the handling a lot more than the GT, I’ll end up putting off the actual purchase. Maybe the GT350 suspension will trickle down to more mortal Mustangs. Or, maybe Ford’s target market is more carpeted-floor service bay than cement floor man-cave. I do hope, though, that Ford plans to offer affordable, corner-carving Mustangs for both.

2012 Boss Yellow Blaze, Recaros/Torsen, Cover/Mats
2012 MCA PP Sterling/Lava

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2015 EcoBoost owner: quick review

I will start off by saying i traded in my 2008 V6 for a 2015 EcoBoost. Ive had the car about month. I waited to write review so I could really get settled into it. I decided to write up a few areas of focus.

IMO they did a knock out job with the IRS! its been said on this thread that it feels a little Euro and they are not wrong! I myself love the way it feels, its a good mix between MUSCLE car feel and TUNER feel. alot of dive when you get into some sharp turns but im hoping springs and etc. will fix that. accelerating out of turns the rear end straightens out nicely and rather smoothly. Def the best handling stock Mustang ive ever driven and it can only get better

DAYUM.... thats what it boils down to IMO pictures dont do it justice, when i was car shopping for a new mustang i was torn between 15 or a 13-14. what sold me was seeing a 14 and a 15 parked rear bumper to bumper. the deck lid of the 15 was easily 3-4 inches lower than the 14, it doesnt sound like a big deal but the ass of the 14 looked gigantic and bulky compared to the sleek fastback look of the 15, that was one of the main things that stuck with me. of course the rest of the exterior was super clean the front fascia looks so mean and they did an excellent job with the lighting, the tail lights are blinding and the body line are super crisp. And dont even get me started on the Interior! I got a base model and i feel like it is nicer than the 14 premium. Carbon fiber dash, leather accents, backup camera is a plus, and the big suprice was the base cloth seats dont feel like the cheap cloth of the s197 they feel and look like neoprene. Not a fan of the lumbar support it kind of bugs me but its tolerable and im thinking of taking it out and putting foam in there.

Power and Braking
Finally what everyone has been asking me about. Is the T4 for real? the simple answer is YES! no its not a V8 and to some the idea of a 4cyl mustang turbo or not is outrageous! But times are changing and i really love how the Mustang evolved. I bought this car as a Daily Driver, i live in SW Texas so im fortunate to be able to drive it year round no problem. Ive already put 1500 miles on it and im averaging 25.7 MPG for the life of the car. Not bad when you factor in all the "spirited" driving haha. So ill get into it my impression of this 2.3T engine. From a stop the acceleration is remarkable since its a turbo it does need a half second or so to spool and it works out because by time all the horses come out your off the line and the tires are already gripping the road. Feels great, gave me that big smile that speed puts on your face. from a rolling 30 its super quick and i didnt notice very much lag at all, rear end get a little loose when you stomp on it and the engine sounds pretty sic considering. Chief complaint with it is the braking, the brakes are tiny! and you can feel it, its not horrible or anything but for sport driving im definatley making that a priority on my upgrade list.

I guess you could say I love this car and Im happy with my choice, its not perfect but Theres alot of potential, I cant wait till they come out with more mods. My plans are better brakes, suspension,tune and exhaust. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

2015 Mustang GT Premium Magnetic Grey
Stainless H-Pipe, Eibach Sportlines, SVE Drifts
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Originally Posted by axe View Post
Its funny hearing S197 guys say the new interior does nothing for them...I had an 05, 08, and now a 2013 (picking up my 15 GT Monday), and once I sat in the 15 I realized how cheap and horrible the S197 cabins were.
That's because the 05-09 interiors were truly awful. The premium 2010+ are not that bad of a place to be. The base model, yes, the premium, no.

The new car has better materials, but it's not life changing if you had a premium 2010+.

But even the 2005 premium interior was horrible...even when it was new.

2012 Mustang GT Premium
BLACK on BLACK 401A. A6, HIDs, Security, Rear Camera+Reverse Sensing, Remote Start, Comfort.
-Roush Axle-backs
(Planning on CAI/Tune then I'll be good)
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I owned a 2005 Mustang GT with FOB including a Vortech V2 blower, I then upgraded to a 2009 Shelby GT500 what a great car. I then fell in love with the looks of the S550, so now I have a 2016 Mustang GT race built with a VMP Gen IIR blower. I love the car but the M82 trans is terrible compared to the Tremec 6060 in the Shelby GT500. Even with a MGW short shifter installed the trans is terrible.
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