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My '06 GT has 30K on her and I plan on keeping her for a much longer time. Sorry, the new "Euro" style of the 2015 just doesn't do it for me...looks like we're heading back to the "jelly bean" style (when the Ford Taurus first came out)...the 2014 Stang will be hailed as the last Mustang to have the "muscle look" (American Made and made for Americans) and will most likely be a collector's dream. I thought for sure that I would change my mind when I would see a '15 on the road, however, when it came up from behind I thought it was a Fusion...oh, well. I think Ford missed the boat on this one. Oh, and it looks like the 2016 Lincoln Continental may only offer a V6 engine...whew, who would have ever thought that? Lincoln is missing the boat, too.

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And the worst part....Is you never know if the dealership has Fusions or Mustangs on the front row...at the speed I'm driving!

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Originally Posted by surfs1st View Post
First time poster, and first time Mustang owner,

Just bought a 2015 5.0 GT Premium, and I absolutely love it. It's my first Mustang, I've mostly stuck with Euro cars, and I'm really enjoying the experience.

My question, "Why all the hate from current Mustang owners?". Everyone who has seen it thinks it's a beautiful, slick car, EXCEPT other mustang owners.

Responses range from, "It doesn't look like a muscle car anymore.", "It's to European, looking." , to "It's ugly!"

I don't get it? It's fast, it rumbles, it's American made and it looks bad a**. I get that everyone has their own tastes, but the car has been positively reviewed by just about every car magazine, hence my purchase. Surely we can all appreciate the direction that Ford is going to broaden their customer base?

Am I missing something??
nope, we don't like European looking. That's what I tell myself everytime I see one, the back end looks like some foreign car "less the 3 tail light", the only mustang signature.

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S197 forevever: 2005-2009. Too bad they are all tri-valves, but let me tell you, I would still take my old '05 with the 10psi Whipple kit I had on it, over anything after '09.

My (extensive) experience on forums in the tri-valve era tells me that the vast majority of the community are muscle guys, guys to whom their '60 times in the 1/4 mile matter. So for the online guys, anyway, what is important is (Was? I haven't been around for along time):

- A more muscular, "squared" look with angles. Then again, there are lots of loyal New Edge owners who would disagree.

- Solid rear axle. The corner-carver guys, of which I am one, rejoiced when IRS was announced. But the truth is, the S197-era solid axles are so well engineered, I can hardly tell the difference.

- Distinctly American. Mustang fans tend to be, ah, traditionalists? Patriots? I dunno, you get the idea. New body style is too euro. Muscle guys don't like modern euro styling, generally.

I think the 2015 is a great car, objectively speaking. I would love to rock one. But for the money, I would prefer a 2005-09 GT with forced induction or engine swap. Second choice would be a New Edge.

RIP: Windveil Blue '05 GT + Whipple HO blower/GT500 pumps/42# injectors. Tuned to perfection by Adam at ST Motorsports. 476 RWHP/467 TQ. Killed by turn 9 (and stupidity) at Buttonwillow. You will never be forgotten.
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Originally Posted by Kevinrox View Post
nope, we don't like European looking. That's what I tell myself everytime I see one, the back end looks like some foreign car "less the 3 tail light", the only mustang signature.
I disagree. I like the new look.

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My favorite Mustangs are the 67/68/69/70, and now the 2015 and especially the 2016 GT350/GT350R. What's not to like, awesome styling and the 5.2L V8 is the sweetest engine to come out of Ford in a long time! The choice of a V6, EcoBoost I4 and V8 engine will attract a variety of buyers I do believe. For those that can't tell the difference between a Fusion & Mustang, they probably can't tell the difference between a Pinto & Mustang II either. I've only owned 2 Mustangs, a 1970 Mustang Sportsroof & a 2001 Mustang BULLITT, both of which I loved, and often wished I still had. But the 2015 version is by far a much better & refined car!

After years of owning Harleys I see a similar thing with "Muscle Cars", if they aren't loud and obnoxious, some people don't like them and that's how they judge bikes & Muscle cars.
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Lightspeed, I don't know if the rumors are justified or not, but the 2.3L-T supposedly responds very positively to tuning, bringing the torque up to about 400 lb-ft. I didn't believe it the first time I heard this but stories abound. Personally, I wouldn't screw with the warranty like that--I couldn't afford to replace the engine if it blows without warranty. I didn't touch my 2006 GT until the 3 years were up. Then I went nuts--M90 supercharger--9 psi (0 to 60 in holy s**t!!), GT500 front end, Roush suspension, wheels.

I never could get used to the 2010-14 body style change--including the Boss 302. I respect it, but really can't stand the styling, so much that I wouldn't even want one. Same with the '13 GT500, amazing machine, but I hate the styling, just too many curves in the wrong places, too tall, strange proportions.

Now my DD is a 2010 Taurus SHO and before this, I had no idea Ford made such a luxurious, quality vehicle--I had been denying myself the simple pleasures driving a manual Mustang for 8 years. 430 to the wheels fun, but still, loud, road noise, bumpy ride--things I loved 10 years ago but which aren't "cool" to me anymore after age 40. So, I love this Taurus, and since the '15 Mustang borrows the design cues, I absolutely love the '15 Mustang. I've owned a 68 coupe which is why the '05 appealed to me, and now the '15 looks fantastic all around--I love the stance, the lines, the fastback cues. One thing I do NOT like, however, is that damn ugly scoop seen on some of them--namely, the new Roush models. My '06 is an RS3 now (full conversion), and I seriously debated on the non-func scoop. Decided to go with it since every RS3 has one, no exceptions, and I went with solid body color, no stripes.

My pet peeves are BOB (bolt-on-bulls**t) and stripes. Take a Shelby Super Snake, for instance--it's a BOB & stripe nightmare of epic proportions. Take away the Shelby name, and that is one go**amn ugly f***** car. IMHO. Stupid, too, since all that racing sh** never sees a racetrack. I hate that--racing sh** on a car never used at a track. WTF is that about? It's not "cool" it's redneck.


Anyway, congrats on the OPs new 2015--enjoy the hell out of it!

2006 GT/RS3
2010 Taurus SHO
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I have four S197 and I love the new Mustang
Especially the GT350!!!
BUT It's another era for sure. That is true.
The nostalgia replica is done and gone.
AND it's going to attract more than old farts like me :-)
And I think that's darn GOOD and clever.
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I don't get the hate for the 15 at all. I liked it better than the last generation from the moment I first saw one. I am now proud to own one. I have had 5 mustangs now, including fox bodies, an 08 and a 13 and this 15 is far and away the best looking one of the bunch. I don't get people saying its not muscular either. I guess I define muscular differently than some. To me muscular is "mean looking" and this mustang has that look in spades.

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There will never be a consensus on anything as subjective as styling, so arguing one way or the other is just becoming like beating a dead horse (pardon the pun).

I will say that now I've had a chance to see quite a few '15s on the road and have viewed them from many different angles, I like them much better than before. Still like the S197s the best, and that will probably never change.

They are all nice, but in different ways. The main thing is that you like the one you own and that you enjoy it.
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The 2015 is what got me loving Mustangs again. The last couple of years have certainly been eye-catching and I like them as well, but there's just something about the 2015 design that triggers my "WANT" reflex.
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i love them all. If i could afford a brand new 2015 i would get one.

Corvettes for breakfast, Camaros for lunch, Challengers for dinner, and Rice Rockets for snacks :hihi:
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The hate is just driven by the typical lack of acceptance for change...

1. People hated on the New Edges when they came out
2. People threw a fit when 2010s came out with angled tailights
3. Everyone cried about the LEDs on the back of the '13s and '14s
4. now people are whining about the '15s

The fact of the matter is, there are always opinions, they are usually the most extreme upon first exposure...with time, the new Mustang will grow on many and become accepted by others. There's a lot of love for the new Mustang out there. Like everything, some people just like the old stuff better.

I really like the new 2015s

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I have owned two Mustangs, a 2011 and a 2012; I guess I'm new to the Mustang party and don't have any loyalty to the older body style- I think the 2015 is a great car and plan on buying a '16 if the up the horsepower to keep up with the Camaro.
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I don't understand either..

Through my wife's job with Ford, for a nominal monthly fee we get to experience a new car every 12-18 months. We picked up the 2015 Mustang GT vert (6 spd manual + the 50th Anniversary trim package) a few months ago. It is an absolutely gorgeous car, and I personally think the styling provides a 50-year upgrade over the originals.

As far as our "lineage" with Mustangs, we currently own a '73 vert that we picked up a few years ago (with 50K miles and almost completely as she was born in May, 1973), bought an '89 GT vert when it was new (I daresay few would agree the Fox body is better looking than that of the 2015), a 2008 V6 coupe, and a 2010 V6 coupe.

The power of this 2015 beast far exceeds any stock Mustang I've ever driven, and between the independent rear suspension and the ground-up design of the vert, it has very little body flex, and none of the rattles associated with previous post-manufacturing convertible conversions. The car handles like a dream, and the power curve will amaze. I haven't played with the selectable driving and steering modes (yet); it will be interesting to see how that adds to the experience!

We also have a 2015 Fusion (our second one - we turned in a 2014 when we picked up the 2015 Mustang), and while there are definitely some styling elements that Ford is taking across their entire product line, and the Fusion is a superb car in it's own right, they are two COMPLETELY different vehicles inside and out.

All I can say to why there are so many "haters" of the 2015 is they're just sad they don't have one.. I'll definitely be sad the day we have to turn ours back in!!

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