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2016 Mustang help

I am interested in purchasing a 2016 Mustang. I am looking at the ecoboost and ecoboost premium. I have never had a Mustang before, but I have always been a fan. I am a female, and there are so many options and packages! I am trying to decide on the options that I actually need and find which ones are pretty much useless. I am most likely going to order so I can get exactly what I want. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Well to start with, the Ecoboost is an extremely complicated and expensive engine to repair. I would highly recommend the 5.0

IMHO, this (age of service) is about the time where the determination will start to be made in regards to any gas vehicle with a turbo. Some people like turbos, some like blowers, some like normally aspirated. IMHO, with gas engines for street use/daily drivers, I just don't like any boost at all...too many variables to cause damage in the long run, fuel quality, road debries, etc....and very few of these last as long as a normally aspirated gas engine....Yes the tech is great but…..the 70’s & 80’s were demonstrative of the numerous issues including finding a "Tech" who actually understands & can diagnose the system without causing further damage....this is a challenge with the engines we currently have.

As with any new application, there are going to be real world challenges especially in the 1st three years. Although the Ecoboost has been used for many years in Lincoln applications, it continues to have (although small in quantity) complaints.

While the 5.0 is by engineering specs “new”, it is for the most part a conventional platform based around proven technology ….IMHO, I would wait 3 years to buy this also but if I had no choice but to buy right now……I would wager the reliability on the 5.0 any day compared to the much more complicated Ecoboost. There are issues also with direct injection that the Europeans have never been able to address…carbon build-up. Back in the 80’s there was a company that built a “tool” that allowed you to clean the combustion chambers without removing the heads with crushed walnuts, today, the “new” engineers have never even seen this and their current solution for excessive carbon build up- pull the heads….ok, great, so every 30-60K miles an owner can expect to shell out $3k for “routine maintenance”….oh happy day there! Ford has also advised NOT TO USE any over the counter cleaning products as this will lead to turbo impellor failure in a very short duration afterwards.

Considering the high boost levels (12 psi) as compared to typical aftermarket systems (6-8 psi), this leaves a lot of reliance on the systems to work correctly…as this makes the engine much less forgiving especially with engine mis-fires, etc. which are very prone to burning a hole through a piston (if you are lucky) or even worse, causing substantial catastrophic engine failure (rod through the block)

These (IMHO) are also soon to be the newest "Disposible engine" because the troubleshooting &/or repairs will exceed the value of the vehicle real fast!

And it’s starting to show…..


8/19/15, Team Hard

“This truck has been my least favorite Ford truck of all I’ve owned ('88 Ranger, '93 F150, '99 Ranger, '05 F150, '08 F350, '11 F150) due solely to the overly technical and sensitive nature of the modern equipment which seems to produce reliability issues when you use it... like a truck.”


6-1-15, BLK50

“Yeah so 1,400 miles and my Ecoboost has a blown head gasket, I started it up at work today and drove out of the parking lot and look back and see this huge cloud of white smoke. Pull over and stop and look and there's what smells like steam coming out of the exhaust.” I took it easy on the car and never hit redline in the first 1,000.


04-30-15, 04:16 PM bctimber

“Well I was driving it made a big bang/ puff noise then the no oil psi came on and runs like its on 2 or 3 cyl.”
04-04-2013, 03:23 PM EcoBoom

“When I went to the dealer I asked them to bring it in and look see what the issue was and what I had though it was. (turbo) they lifted it up and removed the skid plates to find a hole on either side of the block just above the oil pan rail. to shorten this up. They quoted me $12+ to install a new motor”

Dec 10, 2014 1:28 pm inkryptic


...#5 was misfiring. It turn out there is a hole in the piston.


Engine number 2 blowing up within 3 weeks. Another new long block will be going in as well as turbos and whatever else I need. They found cylinder 3 and 6 had been flooding/running rich and blew apart. Same problem as before. He says they will be testing the fuel injectors and fuel system all around


08-22-2013 Blueflame12

I have a 2012 F150 with the Ecoboost engine and it has about 34k miles. As I was driving to work, which was only about 4 miles from the dealer, the tapping noise suddenly got very loud following a BANG. The engine began shaking and loosing power. The next day I get a call saying the engine suffered catastrophic failure and was going to be replaced under the warranty. They said metal chunks were found in the oil and the turbos were damaged too


cburbee 11-04-2014

“I have a 2011 f150 ecoboost. 130000km on it. I was driving down a gravel road 2 days ago and the engine misfired…….went into limp mode……..Backed off on the throttle then gave it again and seemed fine. Got to a stop sign and heard the dredded ticking/knocking coming from engine. Drove straight to the dealership….told me engine is toast, metal filings all through the bottom end. No idea what caused it. I was quoted 15k for the replacement (canadian). Ouch……..don't buy one of these trucks used off warranty unless you have lots of money in case you need to fix it.

Mtnmanut 11-04-2014

“My POS ecoboost did that at 2000 mile. Ticking knocking and lots of shavings in pan and filter. New motor under warranty. first complaints to dealer was piss poor mileage,ticking and knocking. took blowing it up and ford rep to get them to look at it.”


b bricker 12/31/14

F150 Ecoboost timing chain

“My 2012 F150 ecoboost just tossed its timing chain. Ford told me no recalls or notices. After I spoke with a master technician, there is a TSB on the timing chains. Cost me 8000.00 to repair (apparently I am not the only one). Ford did nothing for me. No warning or codes - just tore the valve train out. Thank you Ford for the Christmas Gift....

My experience : be VERY careful with the ecoboost V6

Oh yes, this was after when I first bought the truck and they couldn't find out why it was misfiring within the first year - Ended up replacing the wiring harness and all the coil” packs. At my cost...because guess what? An engine wiring harness is not covered by drive train warranty.

Buyer beware ....on this one. And by the way, I restore my own cars and mechanically inclined and maintain my equipment very well. Soooo....


86fn150 12/31/14

“at our dealership we haven't had one toss the chain but have had maybe 6 or so that ALL the front timing stuff was replaced. All ecoboost engines are junk. Lots of misfires, cooling problems etc….don't buy a new escape -PERIOD (garbage)”

Additionally, issues that are typical of turbo’d gas engines are a continued “Dominent”, and when combined with the higher boost, extended oil changes and smaller (lower capacity) filters, this is not what I would call “A Good Thing”. A few comments from Ford Master Techs……


“You are supposed to go 5K-7.5K on an LOF. That way, Ford can sell you either another vehicle, or an engine, after 100K pops up on the clock. Providing it makes it that far. But in honesty, I think the main problems now are the size of the oil filters today.”

“You could try and get into the habit of letting your vehicle idle for a minute or” 2 prior to shutting it off every time you park it.”

“Turbo engines beat the **** out of oil like motorcycles.”

“Knowing the Ford engines and my experience with Mazda, I wouldn't push the oil change interval past 4k miles regardless of synthetic or not. Especially if you beat on the car.”

“Car manufacturers use the customers as lab rats for testing. I'd be concerned that the oil is taking a beating due to the DI, heat from the turbocharger working overtime, and so on. The turbo won't be the only thing taking a beating either.”


fullsizeblazin December 4, 2014

“The black "soot" he's seeing on the tail pipes is actually oil blow by from the leaky turbos. That's why all turbo Fords smoke so bad. They think they can survive 7,500 miles between oil changes.”

Karrpilot December 2014

“I would also like to add that the problem of intake valve deposits pretty much went away after the fuel additives were improved. In the early 1980's, it seemed that they were doing a lot of experimentation with the fuels. Along with the injectors. If a fuel was good at keeping the intake valves clean, it might gum up the fuel injectors. And vice versa. Now with the direct injection, there isn't any fuel getting sprayed onto the intake valves. But there sure is PCV vapors, EGR gases, and the fuel vapors from the fuel tank getting pulled into the intake tract.

Combine all of this with customers who buy into those 5-7K oil changes, and we have a ticking time bomb.”


ok44 January 2015

“It would seem to me that especially aged, high miles oil is going to have a real tendency to coke up when subjected to conditions like that. I've changed a number of turbochargers out (foreign cars) and every single one of them failed due to coked oil; and those were ones without the start/stop feature.”

“Ford is just like all the rest; as long as that POS makes it through the warranty period or even better, gets wiped out in a collision and hauled to the boneyard, they're content......”


Karrpilot January 2015

“Makes me wonder how Ford is going to get out of paying all those claims against them if the customer's follow their owners guide maintenance intervals. Yep. 100K tune ups, 100K coolant change out, 7.5K LOF's, not servicing the PTU units, transmissions, etc.”

“Me thinks I am going to be having my hands quite full in the coming years...............”


Roger Blose January 2015

“Just received my Feb. issue of Consumer's Report magazine where on page 59 they have a story about the growing problem with DI engine carbon problems.”

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Hi mmorrison82, I would have to agree with much of what Beechkid is saying. I bought my 2016 mustang GT yesterday as I was sick and tired of working and repairing my eco boost f-150.

That being said, manufacturers learn as they go, just as they should, and I was certainly caught in the first gem eco boost learning curve with Ford. Either way, the pitch that your V8 power and V6 economy sounds great, but in the end caused lots of heartache.

All that aside, in my mind a Mustang only needs the basics. The premium models do come with a load of standard goodies, and if you're planning on optioning them on the standard fast back, might as well spring for the premium.

Good luck with your purchase. The new Mustang is beautiful.

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I would also recommend getting the V6 or V8 over the Ecoboost. Of coarse with the V6, you are stuck with a base model car as I don't think they offer it with the premium trim.

These days options are packaged together so you are probably going to get things that you don't want to get things that you do want if you go the premium route.

Good luck on whatever you decide.


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go with the premium no regrets!
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If you are likely to trade your vehicle in after 3-4 years, then you would probably be okay with EcoBoost. But if you keep your cars for a long time (10+ years), then I would prefer the V6. The horsepower is about the same for both, and Ford naturally aspirated engines have good long term reliability. According to this article, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_EcoBoost_engine, the modern EcoBoost engines have only about 5 years of history, so nobody really knows about longer term reliability. Of course, Ford has produced turbocharged engines before, so you could look at those as possible indicators.

I recently bought a 2012 V6 Mustang convertible, and I'm quite happy with the power (as well as the rest of the car, too.)

Good luck with whichever choice you make, you'll have fun!
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