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NASA Texas AI/X and CMC May MSR-H Writeup!

Available in MS Word or Adobe PDF formats. Right click, save as.


Weekend Racing Recap
May 20-21, 2006

Written by Adam Ginsberg

31 May 2006


AI/X and CMC heads back to Houston for another round of Texas V8 racing!

NASA Texas AI/X and CMC racers came back to Motorsport Ranch in Houston, TX ( for Round #4 of the 2006 racing season. New cars, new drivers and some serious competition in American Iron and Camaro-Mustang Challenge meant anyone could be on the podium and change the points race!

+ 2 AI/CMC sprint races toward championship points
+ 1 AI/CMC 40 minute race!
+ 1 practice session and 2 qualifying sessions
+ 6 total race group sessions and well over 2 hours of track time!
+ 23 AI/CMC cars (not including all the competition license folks)
+ 7 American Iron cars
+ 5 American Iron Xtreme cars – the largest AIX grid to date in Texas!
+ 11 CMC cars
+ 17 Mustangs
+ 5 Camaros
+ 2 Pontiac Firebirds
+ 2 AIX pole postion winners for the weekend – Spencer Sharp (Sat) and David Armstrong (Sun)
+ 1 AI pole position winner for the weekend – Team Pedersen/Marvel (Sat and Sun)
+ 2 CMC pole position winners for the weekend – Eric Varner (Sat) and rookie Michael Mosty (Sun)!
+ 2 AI winners for the weekend – Matt White (Sat R1 and R2 ) and Team Marvel/Pedersen (Sun R3)
+ 1 AIX winner for the weekend – Spencer Sharp ( Sat and Sun).
+ 2 CMC winners for the weekend – Eric Varner (Sat R1) and Jeff Burch (Sat R2 and Sun R3).
+ Parts breakage – reversed itself from the previous weekend, and was significant. Lifter/rocker stud, and eventually, the whole motor ( Brooks ), fuel pump ( Marvel/Pedersen ), splitter ( Marvel/Pedersen ), spindle, tie rod end ( Lyons ), 2 rims ( Lyons, Varner ), hood and hood pins ( Burch ), brake line ( Mosty ), header pipe ( White ), oil pump shaft ( George ), power steering pump ( Thuman ), power steering line ( Armstrong ).

FRIDAY - The AI/X and CMC racers arrived, and began setting up shop for a weekend of racing. In Texas race group fashion, many brought tents, camping gear, and cooking stuff.

SATURDAY MORNING – The usual Saturday morning mandatory drivers meeting was held in preparation for the weekend of racing, with all the AI/X and CMC drivers in attendance. The 2005 Mustangs of David Capps ( driven by Spencer Sharp ) and David Irwin came out for their first full weekend of competition.

Practice was first, followed by qualifying. Practice proved to be challenging for Jeff Brooks, as he lost a lifter and rocker arm stud, forcing a top-end engine teardown to fix the problems.

Qualifying had AI/X and CMC sharing the track with Group 8. In AIX, David Armstrong took a commanding lead, tripping the timing loop with a 1:44.545 for P1 overall. Close behind was Spencer Sharp ( a 1:46 flat ), David Irwin (1:48.462), David Love ( 1:51.746 ), and Tracy Alvey ( 1:54.999 ).

John George was finally able to bring out his new 2004 PST/Motul/F5/Dr. Gas/Griggs Racing #GR23 Body-in-white for it’s first ever weekend of competition, but the rest of the AI field wasn’t intimidated. #23 posted a pole-grabbing qual time of 1:45.012, with Matt White in the VT-engined #97 Mustang close behind ( 1:45.376 ), followed by Team Pedersen/Marvel ( 1:45.514 ), David Donovan ( 1:46.613 ), and Marshall Mosty in his Bell Racing/Firestone Mustang ( 1:51.367 ). The #12 of Chris Lyons had a huge off, breaking a tie rod end, bending the passenger side spindle, and cracking a rim. He would miss race #1, but it wasn’t the end of his weekend.

In CMC, qualifying was fast, furious, and very tight! Eric Varner crossed the line with a fast 1:49.991, with Team Ginsberg/Cooke just a scant 3 tenths off ( 1:50.297 ). Jeff Burch posted a 1:50.956, followed closely by Glenn Landrum ( 1:51.335 ), Michael Mosty ( 1:51.367 ), Michael Bell ( 1:52.050 ), Nicholas Runyon ( 1:53.889 ), Mitch Warren ( 1:54.182 ), Morgan Dawdy (1:54.443), and Micah Bishop ( 1:57.297 ).

However, Armstrong ( AIX ), George ( AI ), White ( AI ), Mosty ( AI ), Team Ginsberg/Cooke (CMC), and Mosty ( CMC ) for various reasons, neglected to weigh after qualifying, negating their qual times, giving the pole points in AI to Team Marvel/Pedersen, and relegating them to the back of the grid. This would make race #1 very interesting!

SATURDAY’S RACE #1 – With some of the fast cars moved to the back of the field, racing was tight. On the warm up lap, the #3 of Jeff Burch lost his hood, forcing his early retirement before the green flag even dropped. 19 AI, AIX and CMC cars got under way with a rolling start!

Saturday race #1 AI/X and CMC rolling start. Image by Holly Donovan.

The Griggs Racing #GR23, starting from the back, moved quick to the left, and cut straight up, gaining several valuable positions. Hot on his heels, the Maximum Motorsports/DownUnder Performance/Mayday Pest Control #5 Mustang, also in the back, got into the #23’s slipstream, and moved forward on the field.

The hungry Texas V8 pack! Image by Holly Donovan.

With the #91 on the AI pole, Team Marvel/Pedersen started putting down some distance from the rest of the AI pack, but that wouldn’t last long. The Estes Audiology/Bury+Partners #7 Mustang of David Donovan, #97 of Matt White, #67 Firestone/Bell Helmet Mustang, and the #23 all drove hard to catch the leader. By lap 3, the back-starting AI cars had made up significant ground.

The CMC pack all clamored for track space, making for some close battles throughout the field! The #18 and #5 Mustangs fought it out, turn after turn. The #70 Moonlite Graphics/Natwell Welding Supply/LG Motorsports Camaro, driven by Glenn Landrum, drove hard, but gave it all away with a spin at turn 16. The #17 of Eric Varner developed a great lead, but the rest of the CMC pack wasn’t far behind.

AIX, seeing it’s largest field in Texas to date, put on a great show, with 2 new 2005 cars racing hard with the #20 DAACP Mustang, driven by David Armstrong.

In an amazing twist, on the second to last turn of the last lap, the leading AI #91 began to sputter and cough as their fuel pump began to die! On the front straight as the checker was being show, Marvel was desperately trying to hold onto the lead but the 3-Dog Racing Mustang was passed by both the #97 and #23.

Crossing the timing loop showed Matt White taking first in AI, with John George taking 2nd, Team Marvel/Pedersen in 3rd, followed by David Donovan in 4th, and Marshall Mosty in 5th.
continued on part II.....

Adam G.
CMC #5
California AI/CMC Series Director
2009 California Pony Car Cup CMC Champion
2009 SoCal CMC Champion (Team Hollywood)
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AI podium, from left to right – John George ( AI #23 ), Matt White ( AI #97 ), and Chris Marvel (AI #91). Image by Holly Donovan.

AIX podium had Spencer Sharp, making his first ever NASA Texas appearance, in 1st, followed by David Armstong in 2nd, David Irwin in 3rd, David Love in 4th, and Tracy Alvey taking the 5th place spot.

In typical CMC fashion, the racing was so close, the top 5 cars were within .5 seconds of one another! Eric Varner gathered the top podium spot, followed by Team Ginsberg/Cooke in 2nd, Michael Bell in 3rd, Nicholas Runyon 4th, Michael Mosty 5th, Glenn Landrum 6th, Morgan Dawdy 7th, Mitch Warren 8th, and Micah Bishop 9th.

CMC podium, from left to right – Daron Cooke ( CMC #5 ), Eric Varner ( CMC #17 ), and Mike Bell ( CMC #18 ). Image by Holly Donovan.

SATURDAY RACE #2 – The pits leading up race #2 were busy fixing cars. The #12 had been on jackstands after Lyons’ big off, and a trip to the local Ford dealer for parts. After the mishap with the #3’s hood, the drivers from both AI and CMC got together to get Burch back out on the track for race #2. Some field engineering, and racers chipping in parts from all theirs spares boxes, AI #12, AI #101, and CMC #3 made it back to the track for green flag racing.

AI and CMC coming together to help out the #3. Image by Holly Donovan.
continued on part III.....

Adam G.
CMC #5
California AI/CMC Series Director
2009 California Pony Car Cup CMC Champion
2009 SoCal CMC Champion (Team Hollywood)
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Chris Lyons, getting ready for Saturday race #2 after fixing the #12. Image by Holly Donovan.

AI/X/CMC gridded for the final race of the day as an inverted rolling start from based on qualifying from earlier in the day, with the AI/X cars infront of CMC.

Saturday race #2 rolling start. Image by Holly Donovan.

At the drop of the green, David Donovan’s #7 leapt out to take a commanding lead, with the 86 of Spencer Sharp and the #20 of David Armstrong battling it out to get to the front. The #91 took a dirt bath, putting 4 off, giving his position to the onslaught of AI drivers, and the #23 putting his car off more than once in this race as well.

Taking a ride in the dirt! Image by Holly Donovan.

In CMC, Nicholas Runyon’s #79, Eric Varner in the #17, and Jeff Burch in his repaired #3, put on a clinic, showing how door to door racing in Texas is done, with positions being swapped back and forth in clean racing action.

The AIX racers raced hard, with the Armstrong’s #20 and Spencer Sharp’s #86 taking the overall lead. It was anyone’s guess who would take the checker, as they both fought hard, taking a position, then giving it back lap, after lap!

At the checker for AI, showed Matt White with his second win of the day, David Donovan holding on for 2nd, Chris Marvel in 3rd, John George 4th, Chris Lyons 5th, Marshall Mosty 6th, and Jeff Brooks in 7th.
continued on part IV.....

Adam G.
CMC #5
California AI/CMC Series Director
2009 California Pony Car Cup CMC Champion
2009 SoCal CMC Champion (Team Hollywood)
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Saturday Race #2 podium, from left to right – David Donovan ( AI #7 ), Matt White ( AI #97 ), and Chris Marvel ( AI #97 ). Image by Holly Donovan.

AIX winner was Spencer Sharp for his second win of the day, David Irwin for his first podium of the season in 2nd, and Amber Love 3rd, and David Armstrong finishing 2 laps down due to a mechanical issue in 4th.

AIX podium – left to right: David Irwin ( AIX #82 ), Spencer Sharp ( AIX #86 ), and Amber Love ( AIX #27 ). Image by Holly Donovan.

SATURDAY EVENING – NASA Texas held a Lousiana style shrimp boil, with shrimp, corn and potatoes for all the racers and crew. Everyone kicked back, chowed down some good food, and drank adult beverages, all while getting ready for Sunday’s 40 minute race. The sun set into the horizon, bringing out the moon, and sending folks to their tents and sleeping bags for a well earned night of rest.

SUNDAY QUALIFYING – With everyone refreshed from a night of slumber, the pits came alive with the roar of V8 thunder in preparation for the morning qualifying.

The AI/X and CMC racers headed out to qualify in hopes of earning the pole spot for the 40 minute race.

Team Marvel/Pedersen took P1 in AI for the second time this weekend, showing a 1:45.018. Close behind was John George with a 1:45.101, Matt White ( 1:45.678 ), Chris Lyons with a great 1:46.626, David Donovan ( 1:46.995 ), Marshall Mosty ( 1:49.455 ), and Jeff Brooks ( 1:55.065 ).

AIX had David Armstrong in P1 with a 1:45.251, followed closely by Spencer Sharp ( 1:45.432 ), David Irwin ( 1:46.794 ), and Amber Love ( 2:05.763 ).

The CMC P1 position was taken forcefully by rookie Michael Mosty - his first ever pole in CMC ( 1:50.104 )! Jeff Burch took P2 ( 1:50.564 ), Eric Varner ( 1:50.843 ), Team Ginsberg/Cooke (1:51.448), Glenn Landrum (1:52.828), Michael Bell ( 1:53.281 ), Mitch Warren ( 1:53.424 ), Morgan Dawdy ( 1:54.677 ), Micah Bishop ( 1:55.709 ). New comer JT Thuman wasn’t able to qualify.
continued on part V.....

Adam G.
CMC #5
California AI/CMC Series Director
2009 California Pony Car Cup CMC Champion
2009 SoCal CMC Champion (Team Hollywood)
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SUNDAY RACE #3 – In a last minute change, the remaining 2 GPC cars were gridded with the AI/X and CMC crew for the 40 minute standing start. 2 green flags would be given to get this race underway.

Sunday standing start. Image by Holly Donovan.

The green flag dropped for the AI/X and CMC racers, and the roar of V8’s headed for T1. All the racers got thru the start clean, and began hunting down the top spots!

As the terror on the tarmac got underway, the battle for AI supremacy got hot. Lyons found speed this weekend after his big off on Saturday, forcing Matt White to chase him down. The #91 took a commanding lead, making the #23 sit in 2nd, but the rest of the AI pack was close behind for some of the closeest AI racing in Texas history. AIX was equally tight, with David Armstrong and Spencer Sharp showing lap times within a few tenths of one another.

The V8 pack heading thru T1. Image by Holly Donovan.

Mosty, Burch and Varner all took off, with Landrum getting the jump on Ginsberg, and the rest of the CMC racers close at hand. Within a few laps, TJ Thuman lost his power steering pump, creating a full course caution. This allowed the field to bunch up, making for a great green flag restart!

Burch took the CMC lead, follwed by Varner and Mosty. Landrum made a mistake coming out of the carousel, allowing Ginsberg to regain his position. Warren, Bell, Runyon, Dawdy, and Varner fought door to door, each racing hard, but giving racing room.

The GM CMC show! Left to right – Morgan Dawdy ( CMC #95 ), Mitch Warren ( CMC #9 ), and Nicholas Runyon ( CMC #79 ). Image by Holly Donovan.

Lyons was fast, and White was doing everything he could to chase him, eventually going off in T7 and destroying a tire, ending his day. AIX-driver David Armstrong lost a power steering line again, ending his day on lap 4.

The AI checker had Team Marvel/Pedersen on the high podium step, followed by the #23 of George, Lyons in 3rd, Donovan in 4th, Mosty in 5th, White in 6th. Brooks went out on the installation lap with a blown motor.

AIX put Spencer Sharp for his 3rd win of the weekend, followed by David Irwin 2nd, Amber Love in 3rd, Alvey in 4th, and Armstrong in 5th.

The CMC finish was close, with Burch taking the honors in 1st, Eric Varner 2nd, Michael Mosty 3rd, Team Ginsberg/Cooke 4th, Landrum 5th, Runyon 6th, Bell 7th, Warren 8th, Dawdy 9th, Bishop 10th, and newcomer Thuman 11th.

POST RACE INSPECTIONS – were conducted by the series directors along with NASA tech inspectors. The car numbers of the top 5 AI and CMC finishers were put in a helmet, and a name was drawn to head to a dyno for compliance certification. AI #91, Team Marvel/Pedersen was picked randomly, and sent to the dyno. After the required 3 pulls, the 3-Dog Racing machine was found to be in compliance.

General AI/CMC tech was completed primarily on Saturday with impound scales after most every race. No violations were found.

NASA TX AI/CMC continues to see 20+ cars at each event! V8 racing is here to stay in Texas! Come see the action during our June 17/18 event at Hallett, in Tulsa, OK.

The 2006 schedule is posted at, and


MSRC (1.7mi) 1.21:648 John George (AI) 03/04/2006
MSRC (1.7mi) 1:22.037 David Armstrong (AIX) 04/22/2006
MSRC (1.7mi) 1:24.982 Jeff Burch (CMC) 03/04/2006

TWS (2.9mi) 1:53.785 John George (AI) 08/21/2005
TWS (2.9mi) 1:58.211 David Armstrong (AIX) 08/20/2005
TWS (2.9mi) 2:00:371 Jeff Burch (CMC) 08/21/2005

Hallett 1:24.387 John George (AI) 09/17/2005
Hallett 1:26.478 Buddy Cisar (AIX) 08/14/2004
Hallett 1:29.678 Jeff Burch (CMC) 09/18/2005

NPR 1:20.319 John George (AI) 07/11/2005
NPR 1.24:381 Eric Varner (CMC) 07/11/2005

MSRH 1:45.040 John George (AI) 05/20/2006
MSRH 1.45.141 David Armstong (AIX) 05/20/2006
MSRH 1:49.616 Jeff Burch (CMC) 05/21/2006

* Track records only recorded from races in race trim.

Dyno Decals as recorded after Round 4:

American Iron:

Driver Name: RWHP RWTQ Min Weight
David Donovan 295 315 2835
Marshall Mosty 258 288 2800
Matt White 316 341 3069
David Love 292 310 2800
John George 329 354 3168
Pedersen/Marvel 322 326 3059
Jeff Brooks 319 317 3031
Chris Lyons 277 270 2800
David Capps TBD TBD TBD
David Irwin TBD TBD TBD

Camaro-Mustang Challenge:

Driver Name: RWHP RWTQ Min Weight
Corey Rueth 227 286 3150
Morgan Dawdy 233 306 3305
Glenn Landrum 221 285 3200
Jeff Burch 204 281 3150
Mike Bell 210 276 3150
Chris McComb 195 274 3150
Todd Covini 226 293 3150
Rob Liebbe 220 279 3150
Eric Varner 226 273 3150
Nicholas Runyon 220 293 3150
Michael Mosty 226 281 3150
Adam Ginsberg 230 288 3150
Micah Bishop 227 292 3150
Scott Smith 213 274 3150
Mitch Warren TBD TBD TBD

Drivers listed as “TBD” on the dyno grid above appeared without an updated dyno sheet. A new dyno sheet must presented at the next race.


1 1217 White (AI)
2 1140 Donovan (AI)
3 1067 Pedersen/Marvel(AI)
4 1054 Lyons/Sharp (AI)
5 1019 George (AI)
6 756 Brooks (AI)
7 711 Mosty (AI)
8 209 LiiR (AI)
9 138 King (AI)
10 0 Alvey (AI)


1 986 Smith (AIX)
2 513 Armstrong ( AIX )
3 360 David Mixon (AIX)
4 330 LiiR (AIX)
5 304 Sharp ( AIX )
6 265 Irwin ( AIX )
7 240 Alvey ( AIX )
8 215 McMahon (AIX)
9 90 Alexander ( AIX )
9 4 Capps (AIX)

*** AI points per NASA CCR rule 22.1 and AI rule 10 100 for 1st...90 for 2nd...85 for 3rd, etc.
4 points for qualifying Pole position


1 1349 Varner (CMC)
2 1297 Landrum (CMC)
3 1287 Runyon (CMC)
4 1246 Mosty ( CMC )
5 1227 Burch (CMC)
6 1222 Dawdy/Carr ( CMC )
7 1192 Bell (CMC)
8 1033 Bishop/MacNeil ( CMC )
9 910 Warren/Buehler (CMC)
10 905 Ginsberg/Cooke (CMC)
11 755 Covini (CMC)
12 755 Rueth (CMC)
13 704 Smith, Scott ( CMC )
14 642 Liebbe (CMC)
15 262 Patterson (CMC)
16 258 McComb (CMC)
17 86 Thuman (CMC)
18 0 Tanner ( CMC )
19 0 Tseng/Rueth (CMC)

***CMC points per CMC rule 9: 100 for 1st...97 for 2nd...95 for 3rd, etc.
1 point for qualifying Pole position

Points from the lowest scoring 20% of the season’s total number of races shall be dropped from each driver’s total for purposes of calculating the season total.

For more information, the following websites should be able to answer any of your licensing/rules/racing questions:

Adam G.
CMC #5
California AI/CMC Series Director
2009 California Pony Car Cup CMC Champion
2009 SoCal CMC Champion (Team Hollywood)
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