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aroundthefur922 04-13-2017 12:02 PM

Was curious as to the opinion on this matter in this forum. I've owned my Cobra for a few weeks now and it had never occurred to me to use anything aside from regular 87 octane gas in the car. Every car I've ever owned I've always just used regular gas in (86 IROC, 88 Z28, 89 Firebird, 91 TA, 99 V6 Camaro) and now I'm curious if the 01 Cobra I now drive requires anything higher than standard. There are no indications on the gas cap and went I Googled this issue, it brought me to another Mustang forum and an older thread on the subject in which the commentors were very split on the matter and frankly rather nasty about it. Figured I'd ask here where there seem to be cooler heads before I fill the tank again with regular.

40th GT 04-13-2017 12:10 PM

The 4v 4.6 engines call for 91-93 octane. There are knock sensors built in to save the engine if a lower octane is used, but they were designed to run on premium.

aroundthefur922 04-13-2017 12:14 PM

Would I have done any irreparable damage by driving it with 87 octane for 3 weeks?

40th GT 04-13-2017 12:21 PM

I doubt it. Unless there is pinging/knocking going on (which you would be able to hear) from using 87 octane and you drove it aggressively, but that would only happen if the knock sensors were not doing their job.

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