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Sunlit Gold
In December of 1967 a couple up in northwestern Iowa ordered a Mustang in Sunlit Gold with Nugget Gold interior, four speed Cruise-O-Matic, and to top it off, ordered it with the Challenger 289 V8. Built on December 19, 1967 in Dearborn, Michigan, this Mustang has been handed down 3 different owners before it made it into my home.

The first couple who owned it ordered it straight from the factory in the December of 1967. Sadly this couple didn't own it long, and in 1970 sold it to a young 18 year old going into the service. Not more than six months later was he shipped of to Vietnam.
After finishing his tour in the army he came back home to his Mustang. In 1980 he grew tired of the Mustang and gave it to his parents to hold onto. His parents never drove the car so they put it in storage for around 20 years.

In 2005 after the parents had passed another couple in their 50's saw the Gold Mustang and had to have it. So they shipped it from Iowa down to their hometown in Springfield, Nebraska. This couple had a son who is a Ford mechanic and did a lot of the restoration work for his parents. He went on to replace the shocks, struts, sway bars, floor pans, carburetor, and anything that was not working. This lovely couple kept the car in their garage, moderately driving their new found Mustang.

It was in the Fall of 2015 did I stumble upon an ad placed on Craigslist with the Mustang for sale. The couple (now in their 60's) sadly had to get rid of the 68' as the wife's cancer was coming back. At the time I was (and still am) a 17 year old who had always wanted a classic Mustang to call my own. So my parents and I drove to Springfield to take a look. When we got down there we came to find out that they were waiting on someone to give the old Mustang a good home. As they would later tell me they had two people prior to me come and look at the Mustang, but they wouldn't sell it to either of them because they wanted to part it out or turn it into a rat rod.

In the end the good couple sold me the Golden Mustang for $5,500. They said they knew I was the one when I mentioned loving the classic hubcaps and wanting to get new white walls put on. I told them I would take good care of the car and if I ever restored the car I would restore it back to factory condition.

I am proud to say that at 17 I bought my own 1968 Mustang. My plan is to drive the 68' in fair weather, fix anything that needs fixing, and to drive her and to take care of her. In the future I plan to restore the car back to factory condition and paint it in its original Sunlit Gold. I love my new found Mustang and thank ______ and ______ for entrusting me to have their car.
1968 Ford Mustang (Sunlit Gold)


Engine is a Challenger 289 V8 hooked up to a C4 Cruise-O-Matic transmission. Also came standard with power steering.
Nugget Gold crinkle Vinyl and Nugget Gold Kiwi Vinyl on a standard interior. Previous owner installed a center console of the same color. Has the original Ford AM Radio but missing speakers & radio antenna. Came factory with tilt-away steering but doesn't work perfectly.
Coupe with Sunlit Gold Metallic Paint. Has a vented hood with working signal markers.



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