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General Information

This car has a salvage title. A lot of rust. And even more headaches. But when my uncle bought the car back in the early 90's he had every intention of building it beyond its former glory. He was a mechanic and rebuilt the motor himself. Unfortunately he passed away a short while afterward and thus the car sat in the driveway of my grandparents house for years before my aunt decided that she wanted to maintain it and use it as a weekend car. However, too much was left unfinished and the car sat in the driveway for even longer as a result. Finally, when I was 15 I suddenly had the realization that it would be my goal to finish what my uncle had started some 15 years before. I made a deal with my aunt to purchase the car for $2,500 and shortly after I got my first job and gave her every penny until it was paid off. I have now had the car for about 8 years now and it has gone from clunker in the driveway, to clunker on the road, to daily driver, and back to clunker in the driveway. I will not repeat this vicious cycle and have now dug deep into my Mustang to bring it back to life in a way that would make my uncle proud.
1968 Ford Mustang (Black)


It was a rebuilt 289 with a few modifications to make it noticeable in the crowd, but now I have gone in and am taking it up to another level.
The interior was a MESS. Rats, water damage sun damage you name it, but little by little...
Original color was Highland green but since I had some bodywork done (due to all the years of sitting out in the elements) it has remained flat black.
I have a Pioneer radio that fits perfectly into the square hole that a thief conveniently left when he stole the original radio out of the car one day. Thanks! My plan is to put another original radio in it's place (already purchased) and hopefully find somewhere to put an auxiliary cord.
Right now it has a stock suspension and all four drum brakes. The goal is to convert to front disc brakes and tighten up the suspension.
Wheel and Tire
The wheels are the stock wheels from 1968, and that just wont do. I am not going for flashy but I am going for mean. The tires are 195/75/14 all around, but that will change as soon as the wheels do.



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