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Mustang 2+2
I bought my ‘65 in 1999 and hauled it home. It ended up being 5 years before I was even able to drive it. I did most of the restoration myself, except for the final body prep and paint. It isn’t an original by any means, mainly because when I bought it, it was an ex drag car. It was in pretty bad shape and just about everything was stripped out--no motor, tranny, wiring, heater, etc.--mainly just a shell with a fiberglass front clip and fiberglass rear fender flares. This car was probably my most challenging project and the search for parts began from day one. As I would find parts, the direction of the restoration turned and kind of ended up being a “restomod.” The original build date for this A-Code Mustang was Sept. 9, 1964. (Sidenote: the first 2+2 was built in August 1964 and debuted on the 9th of September.) The motor was a 289 v-8 , 4 barrel carburetor, with a 4 speed transmission and factory front disc brakes, a rare option at the time. The color was prairie bronze, which is the same color as my Fairlane sport coupe, but the color was predestined to be black. It still is a 289 car with front disc brakes, but the future plan is to put disc brakes on the rear. I have most of the parts; I just haven’t gotten to it. It has a 4 barrel Holley carburetor that sets on a cobra intake manifold, Tri-Y headers, dual point distributor, other cobra parts, a 9 inch rear end with a 3.89 gear set and a 5 speed t-5 world class transmission. The front suspension has been modified with the Shelby drop.
1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 (Black)


289 V8 , Holley 4 barrel sitting on a Cobra high raise intake, RV cam,Tri-Y headers with flowmaster exhaust system, Mallory dual point distributor, Cobra 7 1/2 qt. oil pan, Cobra valve covers.
Standard Black
Black with ghost rally stripe
Stock AM radio and mounted under dash DVD,SD card reader mp3 player
KYB Gas-A-Just Shocks, Grab-A-Trak 5 leaf springs, and the Shelby drop up front.
Wheel and Tire
17" American Racing's Torque Thrust M, front tires Proxes 4 225/45/17, rear tires Proxes 4 245/45/17



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