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Mustang GT
Crystal White
GT package; 460 Soud System
Bought it brand new in 30 May 1998.
Changed the clutch for a Stage III and then down to a Stage I clutch back in 2006.
In 2008 I had to replace the T-45 transmission, which got locked in 4th gear. While removing the exhaust one of the bolts in the right manifold snapped. After unsuccessfully trying to remove it in place I had to pull out the engine.
With the engine out, I found a set of PI heads and manifold, which I ended up swapping into the car, and gained a substantial amount of lower and upper HP and torque (keeping the original pistons for a higher compression rate!)
In 2014 the transmission went off again. This time I decided to mount a TR-3650 instead, and found one at a great price.
Due to the difference in the type of speedometer sending units, I had to mount a speedometer adjuster from Ford Racing.
With the transmission still out and looking at forums I found out the possibility of mounting a Lincoln Mark VIII engine in place of the 16V engine. Found one at a very low price (there was a reason for that!) and got me the 97 Mark VIII Teksid block engine with the original B Heads and intake.
After months of work, finally had all the necessary adaptations in place and cranked the car, only to find out that the engine had been seriously overheated and had coolant going into the oil, and compression into the radiator. The engine ran with one misfire though. Seven out of 8 cylinders had coolant in them.
Towed the car across 3 state lines behind an U-Haul, and finally took the engine and transmission out.
Initially bought an used set of B-Heads to port and mount, but eventually found a 99 Cobra intake at a great price and bought it for future upgrades. Then I decided to look for 03-04 Cobra C heads and found an amazing set without cams, and with coolant mod on the driver's side.
The cylinders, crank, pistons and rods were in excellent shape so I decided to get standard rings and bearings, put new water and oil pump and assemble the set.
Right now I am completing the engine with a high efficiency Edelbrock water pump, windage tray, and Stage I porting in the heads and intake (gasket matching and injectors clearance).
If all goes well I should be seeing about 350 HP on the wheels.
I also got a full IRS, camber plates and Koni front strut shocks that will go in once I finish the engine setup.
1998 Ford Mustang GT (Crystal White)


Ongoing: Mark VIII Teksid engine; TR3650 transmission; King Cobra clutch; tubular transmission cross member; modified mapping; Stage I ported 03 Cobra C heads; Stage I ported 99 Cobra intake; High capacity Edelbrock water pump; Windage tray; Driver's side engine cooling modification.
1-1/2" lower springs.
Future: IRS (on hand. Need to get all the bushings replaced)


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