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Bought as my first car at 17 years of age for a unreasonably low price because it didn't run and because it had a ticking noise in the head. Got it running the night I bought it 5 degree Fahrenheit and snowing, put a new battery in my uncle and I drove it home with no heater. I drove it for two years as my primary in high school (No tickets, no crashes) and only in the past two years have switched to a new daily. I learned to drive 5 speed in this car and I have been restoring it slowly. I have fixed countless problems I have had so far, but it has never stopped running and overall being one mean beast, even in the snow. I have purchased a lot of parts to finish restoring it to perfect running and sounding capacity. Everything the previous owner fixed I ended up having to go back and fix myself better. This car has taught me so much and continues to work. I rarely take her out anymore because the fenders rub on the back tires, I have yet to roll the rear fenders to fit the massive 10.5 rear tires and rims. Even though she causes me trouble sometimes I still love her. I will post regular updates on my progress.
2017 Ford Mustang GT (Electric Green)


Not much done under the hood but repairs. Mainly the exhaust was replaced with Deep sounding SLP LM2 exhaust because the previous owner decided to hack off the pipes at the doors and let me drive around for a year and a half with constant drone and head pounding exhaust noise.
The interior is in a state of repair, It is expensive and will have to be done at a later date. About all that is done is custom gauges and a head unit.
Not Many That I have done myself, just black side scoops to replace the missing ones that weren't there when I bought it. Had to re attach the spoiler as well.
So far I have an expensive alpine single din, and high end SPR-68 speakers run off the head itself and the amp built into the head unit. I do plan to do dynamat and subs later. Also have a usb with 1000 songs, so there is that.
Painfully fun SR Performance full coil overs, and by painfully, the thing has supercar like handling but the ride quality is garbage. And the drop looks pretty good. Has caster camber plates as well.
Wheel and Tire
Discontinued and Staggered 17" Saleen Clone Gray powder coated wheels. 17x9 F 17x10.5 R. Tires are 295/40r17 and 315/35r17s I believe.



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