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General Information

Mustang II
Primer, will be soon Yellow and Black
Factory Cobra II
Original uninstalled Monroe Handler kit from the 1970s installed into my vintage IMSA series Cobra II racer Custom limited edition car build for Hot Rod Magazine with multiple write ups in Hot Rod Magazine starting with the cover and article in June of 1977. While a lot could be said here on its history, lets just say that if you search google online for a list of 100 rare mustang sub models it comes in as number SEVEN. Yeah, its a big deal!!!
1978 Ford Mustang II (Primer, will be soon Yellow and Black)


Era correct built roller 351W with a 4V Holley 3910 carburator, era correct brackets, belts, A/C & P/S, new C4 automatic transmission with 5000 stall converter, lots of vintage Ford Stuff or original sponsors under the hood concealed from view too long to mention here.
Best of all things Mustang II.... Full length console, sport ghia engine turned metal dash trim on both sides, a/c, heated rear glass, power steering, sport steering wheel with cobra center cap, black interior, t-top bag, fold down rear seats, black premium interior. If it was an option that came with a mustang II worth having, its in this car.
Wild body kit, cowl rise hood, honeycomb inserts for rear brake vents, all red tail lights, grafted on t-top in the works, full rear and side window louvers. Front and Rear Sway Bars, We're grafting on a factory T-Top roof...all the good stuff.
Working CT-950AX Motorola AM/FM/CB/8 Track period correct radio with a Ford power antenna, Originally was an option for $850 back in the day when it was new for this upgrade so its both rare and expensive. For a wow factor, its off the scale.
T-top frame braces and lower brackets, Stumpy's Sub Frame Connectors, Monroe Handler adjustable air shocks on the rear, and Monroe Handler shocks on the front, also has the hatch supports, by who? Monroe Handler, of course...
Wheel and Tire
Custom American Racing widened 14 inch wheels for N-50 14 Mickey Thompson Indy Profile tires on the back and matching Chrome Nugget Series wheels with F-70 14 rubber on the front.



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