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Mustang GT Premium
Brembo, Glass Roof, Premium Interior
Bought new in October 2011 off the dealers lot. Haggled for a great price as no one was buying the 5.0s at that time because of uncertainty in the gas prices at the time.

First mods were typical: CAI with a more aggressive calibration. Catback exhaust, different shifter and shifter bracket etc. The car ran low 12s but like normal, it wasn't quick enough.

Installed an aluminum DS from the Driveshaft Shop.

Changed the 3.31 rear to a 3.73.

Added Dynatech long tube headers with a race-catted Dynatech X-Pipe.

I drove it a while then decided to add some HP. I installed a VMP Gen II PD supercharger, 79mm pulley, BAP, and ID1000s in the event that E85 would become more available here in Northern Virginia. With DRs on the back, car went 11 flat at 130, and then I blew up the MT82.

Next, I installed an RXT clutch, SFI bell housing, billet flywheel, Magnum XT (close ratio), new DS as my other one was now too long because of the length of the Tremec and a Steeda shifter (although the stock Tremec was pretty good on its own).

I also installed a 3 bar boost sensor which feeds the Aeroforce gauges on the driver side SOS pillar.

The car is very heavy, almost 4000 with 1/2 tank of gas and driver. The glass roof is very heavy LOL.

I messed around with the calibration (I self tune the car with either SCT or HPTuners software) and finally got the car working well at all throttle settings. I started adding Torco to bring the octane up to the high 90s/100 and added some spark. This woke the car up and it does feel stronger. I will be able to test it when the tracks open in the spring.

I am lowering the car by 1" and upgrading the anti-roll bars which are a bit larger in diameter than the heavier bars that come with the Brembo package.

I just purchased a rear seat delete from Shrader Performance which is made with ABS and carpet - much nicer than the cheap ones made of plywood or cardboard.

I also have to install my new cross drilled and slotted rotors for the front and back brakes. Also upgraded high quality track/street pads as well.

I have to install my line lock kit so I don't glaze the rear pads of my new brake setup LOL.

Sitting in a box is my new Snow Performance meth/water injection kit. I am relocating the battery to the trunk with 2 Gauge wiring. In the area where the battery now sits in the engine compartment, will be the new home for the meth/water reservoir and high-output pump. The meth controller/computer will be mounted in a Roush vent pod on the drivers side vent.

Finally, I have some electronic boxes to install so that I can get the Tremec in reverse without having to manually defeat the reverse solenoid spring. As well, I will install my new Dakota digital conversion box so that the speedometer is perfectly calibrated and the cruise control will once again be functional. Anyone who has installed the Tremec conversion knows the problems you face with the speedometer and the cruise control. A real PITA.

One more item: Since Ford refused to warranty the flaking, rusting paint on the hood, I was forced to purchase and install a CF hood, which looks pretty ricer, but I will eventually paint the CF to match the body if the clear coat every starts to fade.
2012 Ford Mustang GT Premium (Black)


See above.
LED bulbs in the interior lights. Very nice Alpine speakers for the front and rear to replace the junk cardboard Mexican speakers that were OEM from Ford.

Driver side dual pillar with Aeroforce gauges. Driver side vent pod with meth/water boost controller.
Look at my above comments.
See above re: the speaker install.
1" lowering, progresive higher rate springs. Adjustable Panhard Bar, Chromoly Lower Control Arms, Larger diameter, adjustable anti-roll bars. Relocated anti-roll bar brackets out back to clear the 15" wheels with M/T drag radials.
Wheel and Tire
Street: 19" 275/40-19 Sumitomo HTR-ZIII tire. For drag racing: 15" wheels with M/T DRs out back and 17" M/T skinnies in the front.



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