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red now but getting painted Black by Jan 2nd
Bought my 2011 mustang a few years back at a ford dealership. I'm the second owner, had it since 45,000kms. Its a V6, I really wanted the GT however I couldn't afford it at the time and insurance would have been a lot higher then what it is now. I did hear the the 2011 V6's are roughly as fast as the 2010 GT's which really caught my attention. Love this year/ body style.

Please check out what ive done to the car. Let me know your opinions anything helps. I have a certain look im going for. I wont be doing too much to the motor seeing its the V6 however I'd like to be able to put a cold air intake, manifold and entire exhaust system. Let it breath a little better.

Im in the toronto area so if anyone wants to have a mustang meet sometime I'm always up for one of those :) Cheers!
2011 Ford Mustang (red now but getting painted Black by Jan 2nd)


Entire exterior getting re-done.

Rims painted flat black. Did them myself however I couldn't take the rims off due to seized bolts so I just painted them right on the car. (i'll post up some pictures). Took me and my buddy a pretty long time just to prep the rims for painting but well worth it. (check out the centre caps, nice little touch).

Painted upper and lower front grills matt black myself (same time as rims)

Front head light blacked out covers.

Tail lights blacked out. Again did them myself.

Entire car getting painted Jet Black, Ill post up the pictures as soon as its done.

Rear window Louver, Willpack Aluminum Louver.

Quarter window Roush style Louvers.

Blacked out windows.

Im going to lower the car 2 inches and might be changing the hood later on. as well as getting the shelby rims.



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