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Mustang LX 5.0
Porshe/Beetle White (orig Oxford White) Ruby inter
Our 93 Hatch is "Sweety". After looking at the the car the day the previous owner brought it home ... his dad told him "'ve got a real sweety there".... and from that day on she has been known as Sweety.... Even when his friends would ask about him going out for supper... it was.. "are you and Sweety coming?" or "Are you bringing Sweety with you?" He installed an aluminum drive-shaft, Trick Flow Street Heat intake, smog delete, cat delete, Flowmasters, 373 gears, 2 1/2 stainless exh, Steeda short throw shifter and had her lowered and sporting a Steeda Aero Wing and a steel 2.5 in cowl hood that's slightly rare because it has a crease down the center similar to Ford trucks and at the time rolled on a set of road hugging Nitto 455's. After we took ownership in April of '06, we made our first trip to Mustang Week and joined a local fox club "South Eastern Fox Bodies". The following year a set of Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads were put on, then with a failing lifter the next year brought a new set in plus I hated to run new lifters on an "old cam" so a Trick Flow Stage 2 cam went in. Back almost 7 years I had a vibration which turned out to be the crank dampener. We replaced it with one of Professional Products high performance racing balancers. Everything was looking good. Then one day I pulled in to work hearing that eerie gut wrenching tap tap tap sound of a rod knock. I dropped the belt and it went away. At lunch time I followed one of my co workers to the shop. I get a call later saying we don't see or hear anything. I pick her up and drive her about a week..... the noise is back. Lunch time again I head to the shop and roll up knocking. we look, drop the belt but it's there ... extremely faint. My friend Justin at the shop looks then reaches down and touches the dampener..... IT FALLS OFF leaving over half of the 1/2 inch diameter retainer bolt in the crank. Professional Products part failed and cost me the engine and no help offered.... the standard disclaimer.... "use at your own risk". We talk about getting another 5-o short block when the 93 351 comes up for sale...... bought it and my accessories get swapped over then money gets tight about two years into this, The day after Thanksgiving that year Justin calls me and says man I hate to be calling you like this but....... some one broke in last nite and stole your drivers side mirror, turn signal switch, your complete stereo system (radio,amp, sub and the rear speakers and grilles) , the steering column cover, the shift boot, the headlights, lic plate lite covers, clutch cable and adjuster, the box with the 351 accessory bracket and new 351 TFI distributor .... oh yeah.... your HOOD too !!!! They also stole a set of 4 lug 03 cobra style wheels with new tires and the fog lights from another fox.
1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 (Porshe/Beetle White (orig Oxford White) Ruby inter)


Under construction

FMS 3.73 gears, Aluminum driveshaft, 2.5in stainless exh
all Ruby Red interior
Steel Steeda/Goodmark 2.5in cowl hood>stolen but recovered, Steeda Aero Wing

------------- current status ----------------------------->
Stolen > Kenwood CD/USB Stereo, 10" Kenwood DVC Sub in single box, Kenwood 1000w Amp
FMS lowering springs
Wheel and Tire
Stock ponies



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