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Mustang Base V6
Mineral Grey
Base Model
This was my first car. I had bought it when I was 15. it was my prized possession for a long time. i learned how to drive in it. i learned how to do a burnout in it. i learned how to be cool in it. It was my everything. then one day after school, i was sitting at a red light behind a tractor trailer, who was blocking the red light and was making a turn. me, assuming that the light was green, went out into the intersection and was struck in the front passenger side. there was nothing I could do. it taught me a valuable lesson, never assume anything while driving. **** happens. the insurance company totaled it whether it was savable or not because it was a 10+ year old car with over 100k miles on it. like i said, **** Happens
2005 Ford Mustang Base V6 (Mineral Grey)


Under the hood, was the 4.0 that i had put a BBK intake on, with some ceramic coated shorty headers and a 93 Octane Race tune. it still had the stock 3.23 gears with the embarrassing open diff. i ran the car on 93 with some extra additives. car was a beast, it never spun off the line and never lost to an import. the only car it lost to was a 392 Hemi Super Bee. other than that, it was pretty fast
Inside, the car was gorgeous. it had tan cloth interor and tan carpet. i had black carpet floor mats with the tri bar pony emblem sewn in them. it had the black dash board and black steering wheel. the only imperfection was a bleach stain on the driver side back seat carpet. on the last day of my sophomore year of high school, i had a bottle of bleach with me and I parked out in front of the school and put the bleach down, and I put the lid back on the bottle and then threw it on the floor of the back seat. i had thought i put the lid on all the way but a lot spilled out on to the carpet and bleached the carpet white. for about a year i had to drive with the windows down all the way to get the bleach smell out.
For the exterior, i left the car stock. it was that beautiful mineral grey, with tan rocker stripes with "Mustang" embossed in them. and it had torque-thrust style wheels and Khumo 235 summer tires all around. it was a base model so it didn't have the fog lights in the grill but it did have the spoiler on it.
This car was as base model as mustangs came in 2005. it didnt have the shaker stereo or anything, just the single CD player. Didn't matter to me too much, all that stereo equipment crap is just dead weight when it came to racing.
Wheel and Tire
Factory torque-thrust style five spoke wheels on 235 Khumo all season tires at all four corners


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