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Futura Hardtop
This car is a Raven Black 1963 Ford Falcon Futura Hardtop with its original 164 hp Challenger 260 cubic inch V-8, Autolite two-barrel carburetor, Ford-O-Matic two-speed automatic transmission, 3.25:1 differential, and bench seat. The car was built by the proud members of United Auto Workers Lorain Local 425 on Monday, July 22, 1963, at the Lorain, Ohio assembly plant and delivered to Jacksonville, Florida.

Falcon Prices, February 22, 1963
2-Door Hardtop - $2,198.00
8-Cylinder 260” 164 HP - $ 162.20
Fordomatic – 8 Cylinder Engine – $ 172.90
Backup Lights - $ 10.70
Radio – Push-Button and Antenna - $ 58.50
Total - $2,602.30

The two-speed automatic works great. I drive this car to work every day and it puts a big smile on my face every trip.
1963 Ford Falcon (Black)


The car's original 260 V-8 and Ford-O-Matic two speed automatic transmission and torque converter were rebuilt.

The original single reservoir brake master cylinder was replaced with a dual master cylinder for a 1967 Mustang. That was a BIG safety upgrade.

I also added a coolant expansion tank and an auxiliary radiator for the automatic transmission.

The car runs smoothly and quietly and is instantly responsive. It will squeal a tire if the throttle is punched.
The front and back bench seats (six passenger) are upholstered in red and black vinyl.

The second picture shows the jute backing on the carpet that I installed.

The third photo shows the installed “1963 Ford Falcon 2 Door Hardtop Carpet, Molded, Black 80/20 Loop with Mass Backing” from Aardvark Motors, Xenia, OH, for $208.06, postage included. Aardvak sells carpets manufactured by Auto Custom Carpets (ACC). ACC says that the 80/20 Loop is “dyed using the finest dyes available and tested for ozone, humidity, fading, & light fastness.” The carpet fit nicely and was easy to install.
Maaco gave the car a black base coat and performance clear coat paint job.

A center-mount brake light was added to try and avoid having an idiot run into the back of me.

I installed an old aftermarket Falcon exterior left-side mirror that I found on e-bay.
An FM converter was added to the original AM radio.

A "ReadyRad" unit was also added. It plugs in-line with the AM antenna lead and jack and lets me play an MP3 player through the AM radio. It works great.

“RediRad Model AM/N - Universal AUX Input - Ideal for AM-only Radios in Collector / Classic Automobiles with Negative-Ground Electrical System, made in Delafield, Wisconsin, USA” off Amazon for $99 + $4.99 postage. See:
“If your Freedom Machine still has its original AM-only radio, congratulations! For so many reasons, there is simply nothing like seeing the factory radio in the dash. But where is the MUSIC? Certainly not on the AM band! Wouldn't it be GREAT to have an auxiliary-input jack for your original radio - without having to resort to an expensive, invasive 'conversion' service? NOW YOU CAN! At only $99, the non-invasive RediRadTM lets you fully enjoy music favorites from any portable source through your existing, functional audio equipment. Have all of this capability without broadcast interference or hacking up that beautiful dashboard! The new RediRadTM model AM/N operates on either 6-volts or 12-volts with a negative-ground electrical system (basically everything U.S.-built after 1955), and an AM-only radio.”
All new front steering and suspension parts were installed, including four new gas shocks and new rear spring shackles.

KYB GR2 / Excel-G shock absorbers – For “Original Ride Quality" from Rock Auto. The shocks cost $24.79/ea. for the front and $17.81/ea. for the rear. “These shock absorbers are a new design from the experts at KYB. As the latest introduction from KYB, the GR-2 gas shocks offer the best possible combination of ride and performance for vintage cars.”
Wheel and Tire
The car has its original five-lug, thirteen-inch steel wheels and Milestar P175/80/R13 radial tires with 1/2-inch wide whitewalls. I switch back and forth between the optional wire wheel covers and the standard Futura wheel covers. They both look nice.



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