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General Information

This is my wife's car that she had when we got married. It was bone stock and she wanted a street rod. The Army stationed us in Hawaii, and would only ship one vehicle, so my hotrod and truck and bikes went into storage and we shipped her Mustang. Once I got the green light from her and no other projects going here on the Island, I started building her something that most guys, let alone gals, would fear and envy. Now she has a hard time trying to pick races at the stop lights, and everyone form the cops down knows her car. Lucky for me, I have a great relationship with the entire law enforcement here and keeps her out of tickets.

I did all the work myself and some of the modifications include:
JLT-3 cold air intake;
GMS 62mm throttle body;
Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams;
Headers; Excel super coils;
Ford Racing intake; BAMA SCT4 programmer;
BRMP Axle back Exhaust;
off road X pipes;
4.10 Gears;
TCI street fighter shifter;
275/40/18 rear tires;
265/40/18 front tires;
1.5in wheel spacers in rear;
Glowtech Gauges (fuel pressure, oil pressure, transmission temp) in triple pillar pod;
underdrive pulleys,
1.5in front end lowering springs;
shift light;
racing harnesses on both sides;
tower brace;
Ford Racing valve covers;
JLT oil separator;
adjustable panhard bar;
lower control arm relocation brackets;
solid lower control arms;
aluminum reservoirs for coolant, power steering, and brakes;
aluminum battery box;
tubular radiator support with sway bar delete;
Sprint Booster Power Converter;
functional hood scoop
2008 ford mustang (grey)


JLT-3 CAI; GMS 62mm TB; FRPP Hot Rod Cams; Shorty Headers; Axle back Exhaust; off road X-pipe; 4.10 Gears; BAMA SCT4 programmer; FRPP intake; Excel Super Coils; ford racing valve covers, black; Moroso reservoirs for coolant; power steering; and brake master cylinder; Moroso aluminum battery box; Sprint Power Booster; functional hood scoop, tower brace; fuse box cover, billet reservoir caps, blue LED lighting; JLT oil seperator
TCI Street Fighter shifter, Triple gauge pod with Glow Tech gauges (fuel pressure, oil pressure, and trams temperature), shift light, racing harness both sides, blue LED strips under dash and under hood, Sprint Booster Power Converter
hood scoop made functional to get rid of header heat under hood
1.5" lowering springs in front, adjustable pan hard bar, lower control arm relocation brackets, solid lower control arms
Wheel and Tire
275/40/18 with 1.5' spacers in the back, and 265/40/18 in the front



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