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Peeling White
Power drum brakes, air conditioning, power steering, XR7, and the rare (but dangerous) Rotunda padded headrests.
Veronica was a 289 2V Cougar XR7, originally owned by a schoolteacher. She drove it until it had about 85,000 miles, at which point she was becoming concerned about her 'high mileage' car - in the late 70s.

In discussing this with a somewhat wealthy friend of hers, he decided that his son might like the car. He asked how much she paid for it originally.

"$3000," she replied.

He wrote her a check for $3000, and gave the car to his son to drive, but kept the car under his name. His son decided to repaint the car (originally Glacier Blue) and performed his first paint job in 1979, converting it to white.

In 2000, the man was tired of it sitting in his garage where it had been for the last 21 years, only occasionally started and driven. Wanting more space, he put an ad in his local classifieds. It read simply, "1967 Mercury Cougar XR7. Never wrecked, no rust ever. $3000"

He didn't realize that his local paper published their classified ads on the internet. I happened to need a car at the time, and was online dreaming about the old '67 Cougar I'd had as a teenager. When I ran across it, I decided to take a chance. I called him up, and asked a bunch of questions. The elderly gentleman was out crawling around in his garage on hands and knees looking at things on the car for me, without a single complaint. Reassured that this was the real deal, I asked him if he would accept his asking price if I got the money to him by Wednesday, and had a car carrier come pick it up. (He was in California, and I was in Kansas. This was on a Sunday.)

He agreed.

I called on Tuesday, and he said "You know, I had a lot of people call and ask me about this car, but I told 'em nope, it was sold."

God bless you, Ron Meyers, wherever you may be now.

The car was delivered to me a couple of days later, and although the poor 289 in her had a lot of problems (due to what was at least 21 year old coolant and rampant corrosion) over time, the car was very sound and overall, in great shape. Her paint was chalky, and soon began to peel off in great flaking chunks, due to poor paint prep.

I've put two engines in her so far; both of them 5.0 HO roller-cam motors. The second caught fire in 2005 (when I lived in California), and destroyed most of the rubber and wiring in the engine bay, without damaging the body (ruptured fuel crossover sprayed gas into the fan). The car has been shipped from California (when it was bought), driven to California where it eventually caught fire. Then it was shipped to Kansas, to Utah, back to Kansas, and here it's been awaiting restoration patiently until now. It has seen a lot of miles with me, and been through a divorce.

Now I'm in the process of fixing her up!
1967 Mercury Cougar (Peeling White)


302 (5.0) with 5.0 HO roller cam, 1.7 roller rockers, GT40 heads, Edelbrock RPM intake, and a Holley 600 carb with vacuum secondaries. Original cast-iron log exhaust (yuck!) with 2.25" dual pipes. X-pipe, turbo mufflers.

I intend to replace the Holley with a Sniper EFI setup.

Backed with a rebuilt C4 3-speed automatic, stock stall converter, mild shift kit.
Dark blue leather interior with woodgrain XR7 dash, full gauges, and console.

The front seats have been replaced with 1970 Cougar XR7 leather high-back buckets (currently black), and I am waiting for warmer weather to recolor them to match the rest of my interior.

My floor pans were a bit lacy, due to allowing fire extinguisher material (mostly baking soda) to sit on them for 12+ years. (my mistake!!)
I've repaired all the rust using phosphoric acid, and repaired/reinforced them using fiberglass matting and POR-15. They look great.

Currently trying to find carpet to replace the original, which is apparently not a color that's being currently made. (a dark blue with a hint of green in it.) I'm planning to dye the dark blue carpet I ordered, to see if I can achieve a color that won't clash with her original interior.

I would also like to replace my XR7 dash with a Standard version, modified to give me a tach. I also hope to build a custom panel for my console to replace the factory clock with four gauges: Oil Pressure, Voltage, Vacuum, and Fuel/Air.
Originally Glacier Blue, with standard steel 14" rims and turbine hubcaps.

Now the car has a peeling white paintjob. She had an original '69 Eliminator hoodscoop, which was damaged/lost during transport back to Kansas. She still has a '69 Eliminator rear wing, and will get a new scoop to replace the missing one.

Headlights are converted to electric doors, replacing the leaky vacuum units, but looks stock.

My plan is to paint her with a gunmetal blue metallic, and put a black vinyl top on her.
Factory AM radio.

I've installed good 6.5" speakers in the factory locations up front, and have plans to upgrade my head unit. It will still be the factory radio, but will have AM/FM stereo, and a USB dongle hidden in my original dash ash tray will allow me to play MP3s. I may also get Bluetooth capability.

Two more 6X9 speakers will fill the factory rear tray positions, and a single 12" sub will be mounted on a yet-to-be-installed reinforcement plate hidden behind the rear seat.
Front: Stock upper and lower control arms (lower is a one-year-only Mercury Cougar unit with hook-and-eye joints), 600# springs, Shelby/Arning drop, 1" swaybar, KYB Gas-A-Just shocks (circa 2001)

Rear: Factory springs with 8" 2.79 one-legger rear differential.

Original factory power drums, converted to Granada spindles and discs in the front.
Wheel and Tire
Magnum 500 15" rims. 235/60 tires rear, with 195's in the front.



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